Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thanksgiving Message

I cannot count all the things I should be thankful for. At this time and day where every people I know is saddled with problems be it economics or relationships let's stop; take a moment to give thanks for one simple reason we wake up in the morning to face another day.

I want to share this bible verse with yawl!

2Corinthians 4:15
All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thaksgiving to overflow tot he glory of God.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! We're off to San Francisco for the holidays. Have to go we have a very very early flight tomorrow. I'll be back to blog for good.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get to know my new baby!

For the longest time I have been asking my husband to get us a house dog. As always he said no you already have Oscar and Fred (my beagles). One day we stumbled upon this new pet shop in town and I told him I'm so ready to buy me a Shih Tzu. Again he said no way because it's a lot of responsibility, the doo-doo on the floor plus it gives the house that stinky smell, and the most important reason he said is a house dog will be a burden if we decide to go somewhere. Lord knows how many times I tried to convince him to get me a puppy it's always a big NO.

One day this week Nov. 18 to be exact when I got home my husband surprised me with a 3 mos old Shih Tzu. So after almost two years of dreaming for a puppy I finally got a new baby! He's all that I want and all that I need. So say hello to my newest bundle of joy Barney!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Age Gap!

I went to a wedding last weekend. It was one of our friends from my fil-am community. You know how we are filipinos are, it's a friend of a friend, met him twice in a gathering next thing I knew I was invited to their wedding.

He is a doctor and she is a young lass from Mindanao. She's in her early twenties and he's in his 60's. It is really a big age gap. I don't know, it is really hard for me to write about this because she is one of my own. I mean she's a filipina too. People talk behind their back about the relationship (for obvious reason) the girl is a young woman and the man is old enough to be his grandfather.

You know people can be brutal. I've known many filipinas with a much older guys and I can tell that it's a happy union, from most that I've seen and from couples that we knew. I think at the beginning it will always be a shocked. I initially felt uneasy at that wedding just by looking at the couple but I got over it. This is what I've learned from all of this. Yes filipinas look for foreign husband on the net to get out of the Philippines and get out of poverty. I find comfort in the fact that one very poor, no education filipina who marries a foreigner, get out of the country and lift her family out of poverty to me that is justifiable but other times it's sinister.

But at this wedding I felt securely comfortable, I knew Lia and Dr. P's love for each other put all the naysayers doubt to rest. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. P! (I'm heeding your request to not put your pictures on my blog.) It was indeed a simple, lovely and enchanting evening. Best Wishes!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got another tickets!

I got another tickets for the Panthers game this weekend. I wanted to go but my hubby is working so that means if he's not going I will have to stay at home to watch the game. That sucks! Fact is I don't want to drive to Charlotte and get into all traffic jam.

I wanted to go back to see the game but have decided to give our tickets to Joey (my hubby's nephews). He's a big Chicago Bears fan and he was thrilled to death when my hubby called him for the tickets (If I know he's got a date that his trying to impress huh!)

We got season tickets at work that will be raffled off every Panthers game so I know I'l be back again to scream my lungs out for the Panthers. See you soon Peppers!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm officially a Carolina Panthers Fan!

I won two tickets at work for the Carolina Panthers vs. the Washington Redskins pre-season game.

I'm not a big fan of football but I know my husband's son-in-law is a big Panthers fan and so as his sons Colby and Colton. He was salivating for that ticket unfortunately I want to go for the experience and out of curiosity. Everyone at work talks about it, Toby, Colby and Colton are addicted so I want to go and have a first hand experience of how the game is being played at the stadium.

So last saturday we went to the game. My ever supportive husband took me to the game. Miles away from the arena was bumper to bumper traffic. We got to find a parking space a mile away from the stadium. Boy it was craaaaaaaaazy, as soon as we parked our car, the parking lot was packed with tailgaters. I found it fascinating from the tailgaters party, the cheering crowd (oh yes it's a hometown crowd the Redskins were totally outnumbered), the scalpers (I thought it was only in the Philippines), the fans who are all enthusiastic from kids to fathers, mothers, grandparents, people from all walks of life. It was truly a good family form of entertainment. No wonder NFL is a multi-million dollar industry.

Walking to our ticket seats (took us 30 mins walk) was exciting with all the cheering crowd, the crazy fans went wild everytime their team scores it was pandemonium. I was so amazed me. It got me hook. The moment I stepped into the big arena and blend in with the hometown "Panthers" crowd I knew it's gonna be the start for me. I am now officially a Panthers diehard. Oh we won by a big margin 43-7. I couldn't be so happy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I only work half a day on friday so that means the rest of the day is going to be spend either shopping or going with my friends for coffee while we trade stories about our lives and our family back home. Since I carpool with my co-worker Linda and I was the driver this week I just told her to take me to starbucks where I will meet my friend Jeanette and she'll drive me back to her house to get my car at her house later that day.

After Jeanette and I went with our day going around the shops we both decided to head back home. My friend suggested that we drive around using country road because we both love to sight see and just talk in the car privately in our native tounge. So we drove and drove around looking for beautiful houses and frontyard then she decided to check this "crate myrtle" nursery which is a good 10 mins drive out of our way.

We finally had our fun sightseeing and head back home. After about 15 mins of driving she noticed that it seems we were lost. We knew we're suppose to turn left to an intersection but we ran into a dead end. As we we're debating about which way we're suppose to have there's a car behind us so I told her to pulled the car to the side and continue our debate. Yes she pulled the car at the side of the road and we ended up in a ditch.

Both of us got scared, we're at an unfamiliar road with fewer cars on the road. Lo and behold an older guy in a mercedez pulled over and asked us if we need to call a tow truck crew. We couldn't think straight the next thing we knew there's a young guy (probably in his 20's) who also pulled over and helped us. It was so fast the younger guy has pulled up the front tire of the car and the other guy pushed the back tire back to the ground while my friend put her car in reverse and next thing I knew viola her car was able to get out of the ditch. We are grateful for these two good samaritans who has helped us. I believe that angels do exist and most times it's total stranger who just come and go in an instant after they've helped you.

I happened to snapped a photo of these two super heroes that we are so grateful for helping us. It's truly a wonderful experience.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm sure glad I found time to blog. It's already 12:36 am I couldn't sleep what better way to keep someone up but to blog hop and eventually write something. It's been a while since I last wrote something about me. Been so busy with work, cook-outs, going out-of-town, riding our Harley, taking care of my babies (my husband, two beagles and a hound), doing my household chores, and the list goes on and on.
I said before blogging takes my time from doing our Summer projects that's why I went on a self-impose "hiatus". So what did I accomplish while I was hibernating hmmmm let me think. I went to endless cook-outs that's why I gained 18 lbs. I got me a "karaoke" magic sing and wear out that little machine like there's no tomorrow. What a shame?

I've been a slacker, I wish I have more time to do this blog, blog, blog, blog, just blog. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I wanted to share the email my boss sent me yesterday. It goes like this, Don't forget to remember the sacrifices of the people who made this country the greatest nation on earth! Celebrate our freedon welcome to America Land of the brave, home of the free! touching isn't it!

We don't have big plan today. Last year we went to the lake to watch the fireworks but today we opted to stay home, have a bbq with my hubby's family and some of my filipina friends (my closest circle). Happy 4th of July everyone!

Team Pacquiao

Oh well, we got invited to a filipino couple in Southern Pines cook-out. It was Hermie and Tony Reyes' cook-out so without hesitation off we go. This summer for two straight weeks we are out with our friends house for a cook-out. It's always alot of fun meeting friends for fellowship and food.

This night is alot different, more than the food and drinks it's Pacquiao night. My husband loves contact sports like UFC, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA and boxing though his family are all football fanatics. So tonight is extra special as we're are with our filipino community and as always you'll expect it to be a blast.

We are not disappointed the food was terrific and it's all authentic filipino food you bet! Hermie's mom from Chicago who is "kapampangan" no doubt the food are all sinfully good. We all kept coming back to the table for more. I can't believe my husband ate every filipino food that was served from "kalderetang kambing, dinuguan to papaitan he got no shame. He enjoyed every bit of it.

So by the time the fight is on, everyone's full and Hermie's basement was filled with Pacquiao fans. We enjoyed the fight, got home at 1:00 am and crushed and burn.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Car pool!

It's been two months since my co-worker Linda and I decided to carpool. With the soaring gas prices our carpooling system has really helped both of us saved on gas. I lived 5 miles from where Linda lives and we commute about 18 miles to work everyday. So when she came home from her vacation to Italy last April we decided to go green. Honestly it has saved me over $100/month which is a big sum considering the fact that I used to gas up every week, my full tank used to cost me $40/week but now it's $50, so the carpool was really a big help not only with money, gas and also mileage (wear and tear).

Our set-up is like this, we drive alternately each week. This week has been her driving week and she just got an old convertible little "miata" which brought us to work everyday in style driving topdown. Armed with a sunglasses, headband, scarp, and Linda's cd collection it makes our driving fun and enjoyable going through traffic. The weather's has been so cooperative it's a little cooler compare to the super hot weather we had the previous weeks. So folks here's my ride to work for the week and tomorrow my big reliable buddy buick will be our company as we travel and conquer the road this week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back for Good

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I missed it, so many friends and relatives who read my blog wonder what happened to me. I mean blogging is one of the ways to reach out to my relatives and friends back home. They all worry about me too (I feel so love, isn't it?). I've squared away so many things that gets in my blogging so I'm definitely back for good. I'l write more soon, watch out!

Oh before I forget thank you to all of you who have visited me despite my silence ( I sometimes lurk in the deepest corner and watch those who come to see me). Again, my sincerest thank you and apologies.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've really been so busy these days I hope all of you my blogging friends forgive me for not writing much lately. There's just so many things we're stucked to at the moment that finding time to blog is like we need more than 24 hrs a day.

I'm just too preoccupied with so many things like our spring project this year doing my yardwork and next in line would be our indoor project which is putting down hardwood floors. It's one big job that we don't know how long it will take me and my husband to finish. Definitely we don't have the budget to hire someone to do the job for us it's just our sweat equity that's needed. That means our time is so tight given the timetable do it before the cold weather kicks in again.

Having said so I apologize to all of you for not visiting your sites often or adding some of you who have already added me. Please bear with me and if I find time between work, out-of-town trips, home improvement projects I'll return the favor. Thank yawl (southern twang) for understanding!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I love this time of the year. When the season started it was a big relief from the lonely winter months. Time to keep the jackets, fleece, longsleeves in the cabinets and take out the tees and shorts.

Spring is the time for homemade ice cream, (Two scoops in Carthage and Ben's in Hway 211 are the best), milkshakes, outside barbeque. This is also the time where you'll see people outside doing yardwork after months of hibernating inside the house. All the beautiful flowers blooming in different colors. I love to watch countless people walking in the park or kids playing ball. And best of all I love the smell of frechly mowed grass in the springtime. One more thing who can beat the sight of the top down cars on the road or the loud sound of motorcyle of course we love it being HO (Harley Owners).
The first weekend of spring my husband crank up our Harley Davidson baby and rode around for some ice cream. Now he is in the Florida keys basking in the sun on his Harley for some spring ride and a little R&R. Can't be with him because I haven't earned my vacation yet anyway I'l be in Myrtle Beach for the Annual Spring Bike Rally in May. I let my husband enjoy his first spring ride you all know his passion is big bikes so I gave him a little liberty lol!
I so welcome spring! Goodbye lonely winter days see yah again but not too soon.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1st Year Anniversary!

Today is our 1st yr wedding anniversary. Been here over a yr, things are getting better each day. The first six months was a big adjustment between doing our paperwork for AOS, waiting for my greencard, SSS, blending in with my husband's family, learning how to drive and finding work.I tell you it ain't easy we both learn new things about each other everyday.

But I remember we only had one big spat in this one yr that was when he didn't bring to me my interview in the city an hr away fr our place and I slept on the other bedroom because I was so pissed at him lol! And aside from our little "sparring" when he was teaching me to drive it paid off so it was all part of the learning process.

Now I'm beginning to enjoy the good life America offers to each immigrant. I have now a good job. Life has been so good. We're still not rich but at least we are very much happy, content, most of all we're very much in love.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Two weeks after my "little" car accident (kashongahan) at work I finally got the courage to go back to the place and check the damaged. After the incident I stopped parking at my original spot and took refuge at the front parking lot next to where our company President's car sits. For fear that one day I might hit some very expensive car I decided to move back to my designated spot.
Hush everyone! To this day, I'm not sure if the security camera at the building captured that moment lol! No one has said something to me about it (I owe up to it lol) so I assume I'm clear for misbehaving or it will just resurface one day and starts hunting me down lol! So folks here it is be my judge!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blonde Moment!

I had two disasters today. Yes two in a row. First, as I was all alone in the parking lot I suddenly changed my mind and decided to move my car to the other side so I wouldn't have to back out when I leave. Well guess what? as I was reversing the car I think I put the stick on drive instead of reverse that's why I hit a tree and knocked out part of the office brick wall wheewwwwwww!

It happened soo fast, next thing I knew bammmmm there were fallen limbs on top of my front fender and I sled close to the wall. Good thing it wasn't a major impact or else I would probably end up wiht the car inside the building like those you see on tv. That would be a total disaster.

Then again for the second time this morning I messed up the security alarm in the office and it sounded for a long time that sent everyone in investigative mode. I called the police dept and told them that I wasn't able to turn off our alarm system still that darn police officer that I've talked to dispatched a set of police officers. Well it was probably SOP for them to go and check us. As always, the cops were all nice and said they just wanted to make sure we're all ok.

Anyway, I didn't know I got part of the wall knowcked down until later today. Lori said I wonder who hit the brick wall this morning and I said Lori I know I hit the tree and she said "Glenda no you didn't?" I said "yes I did" and Linda said it's ok you probably had you're blonde moment like I usually do.

And she said I am now officially a "blonde", my husband would probably agree 100%. What a day?

Friday, March 7, 2008

This time it's Security Warning!

I got to work early this morning. I am always trying to beat Linda who's always early all the days that I've been working at the office. She's one of the nicest ladies at work she, Lori and I had really bonded alot. We enjoy working together, lunch out together, or take a 15 mins walk before we take our lunch break, we all come to work early for coffee and a little chitchat.

I remember goofy Linda said yasterday that she's gonna be late today for a Dr's appointment. Since I'm a little early this morning and I had the parking lot all to myself I decided to drink my coffee in the car before heading upstairs. It was raining and it felt good that I'm gonna be alone for awhile before my co-workers would start coming in.

I had my own set of keys my boss gave me before she went on her two weeks vacation which started today. I opened the main door and head straight to my cubicle after 3 mins I heard a siren which is not unsually because our building is situated in front of the big hospital in Pinehurst. Next thing I knew Robbie another co-worker was talking with someone at the lounge area. As I was going to see what's going suddenly there stood a tall cop in front of me.

So to make the long story short when I switched on my key I was supposed to deactivate our security code which I didn't do because no one told me so. Apparently once the door opened and the the security code is not punch in it automatically alerts the police dept and a mobile will be dispatched to investigate. It's so funny Robbie was telling the cops I was the culprit. I told the them I didn't know the code and no one told me about security alert when I got the key. They all laughed, they taught me how to deactivate the alarm once you opened the door. Hmmm I love it! I learn something new everyday even if it involves cops. I even offered them coffee before they left.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tornado Warning!

I heard the news that it's gonna be a wet day yesterday. Off I went to work. By 4pm I peeped through my office window and I noticed that it was raining hard. So by 5pm, as I got out of the parking lot drove down the main road I noticed that conspicuously there were fewer cars on the road considering it was past 5pm. It was weird. I was listening to my cd when I decided to turn my radio on.

I tried changing channel suddenly when I heard the beep sound on my radio and someone said "tornado alert" and the next thing I heard were the words "if you're driving take cover" at the lowest floor of the building, stay out of the road until the weather gets calmer or words to that effect.

Suddenly I panicked because it finally hits me. That's the reason there were fewer cars out on the road. The heavy rain's taking it's toll on me. I was scared, I was half-way home, I needed my husband. I passed by the Harley shop where I was thinking I could stop until the weather gets better. I couldn't go back because it's going to be hard for me though cars are fewer I was thinking at the rate how the rain and the wind is going there's no way I could turn back.

My knees were shaking, my mind was racing with so many thoughts and I was telling myself to stay calm and drive it through. I sure glad I did because in a matter of 5 mins the weather suddenly changed. Close to home it was just drizzling. I drove to town and parked on the side of the road and called my husband he too was worried about me.

Well that tornado warning was real but I guess I panicked first before knowing that it was on another county an hr away from us. Still the heavy downpour continued through the night and this morning the weather was so nice. The only reminder of the bad storm was the fallen trees and leaves that've scattered all over the road. The sun was out and shining, calm after the storm. Like my co-workers have always reminded me NC weather is so unpredictable that eventually I will get used to it with tornado or no tornado.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Win Cash In July

Juliana just launched a contest for all of us her blog friends and visitors. People she's giving away plenty of money. So just you'll all know I have copied her prize money and the contest rules.

As my way of thanking my readers, my blogger friends and my constant visitors, I’ll be giving away cash prizes to contest participants with the highest accumulated points across all my three blogs.

1st place - $100.00
2nd place - $ 55.00
3rd place - $ 40.00
4th place - $ 30.00
5th place - $ 25.00

The contest starts today, as soon as this post is published and ends on July 19, 2008. Contest winners will be announced on July 23, 2008.
Here’s how to earn points:

1. Comment on my blog posts.- Every comment is equivalent to 1 point. You can only leave a maximum of two(2) comments per post and the comments should be relevant to the post.- Comments on my posts starting from entries written starting February 24 ,2008 counts. Only comments written starting today, March 2, 2008 are valid.

2. Copy and paste then publish this entry about the contest on your blog.- You earn 30 points.- Please inform me of the link so I can validate and add the points you earned.

3. Mention this contest on your blog by linking to this post.- You earn 20 points.- Again, please leave me a comment notifying me about this so I can credit your points.

4. To add an element of fun, since many of my readers have been asking about how old me and hubby are, let’s play a guessing game.- If you join the fun, and make a guess you’ll earn 10 points.- The right guess/guesses will earn 30 points (if both ages are correct)Only one right guess will earn 15 points.- Again, leave me a comment so I can credit your points.(Hint: the pictures you see on my three blogs are all current except the wedding pictures, which were taken when we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary three years ago.)
The running accumulated points across the three blogs, will be posted on the side bars of the three blogs to keep you updated on your points earned.

Should there be a tie in any of the prizes at stake, a drawing will be held to determine the winner of that prize, and the person/s not drawn will win the next prize.
Prizes will be remitted to the Paypal accounts of the winners.

Easy enough, right? I hope you’ll all join the fun

So spread the news and let's all have some fun!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Night of Social Climbing!

I hope I used and learned the basic social climbing skills from Reyna Elena. Yesterday we went to visit my husband's friend who's a doctor and lives in Greensboro, NC. Since it's an hour drive we left early so we could hit the mall and do some shopping. Got to the mall and it was packed. We checked some items and my husband said we could go back the next days so that we'll have plenty of time. It was like in and out in 30 mins lol!

Anyway when we got to the doctor's house I was really amazed not by the size of his house (which is palatial to me) but with 3 lexus cars parked in their garage. We'll he's a doctor and he could afford to drive in style. He and my husband works together and have been friends a long time. He calls my husband Capt. America or skipper which I find a little funny.
When we got inside the house and got settled in I was introduced to his kids and his wife. They're all so nice.

The plan was we are all going out to see a movie and then have dinner after. So before we left the house Doc called a restaurant and made reservation for a party of four at 8pm. We used the Doc's car which is the a brand new fully loaded Lexus. My husband asked him how much it costs, he said about $75 grand. Wheewwww it was a cool car with all the amenities like camera for backing, seat heater (it was chilly that night), navigation, blinds etc etc. I'm kinda impressed but I know I can't own a brand new fully loaded Lexus in this lifetime because I couldn't afford it or even if I win the lottery I'm not into fancy cars I'd rather have old restored cars that is if I win the lottery and that will not happen because I don't buy ticket.

It's also worth mentioning that the Doc despite his status and his money dressed in "bobo" outfit as what he and my husband call it. He got on a cheap jeans, faded shirt and his shoes was he said he bought at Walmart for $10 and borrowed a pair of colored sack from his son. I love it, it's so cool some people who don't even have the money dressed and act like they're royalty when in fact loaded with credit card debt. Hurray Doc for being just like who you are.

We then head to the movie house. Since I didn't like the movie it was forgettable I can't even remember it's title something to do with "Bartlett" whatever! Anyway, we only watched the movie to pass time since our reservation at the resto is at 8pm. We got out of the theather past 7 pm so Sasia called the restaurant and asked if we could be there earlier than 8pm and they said yes. We got to this restaurant (I don't know where) the only thing I knew was it was at Merry & Lynch building so I knew it must be high-end especially when I saw a a limo in front of it and a couple and their kids hopped in and then it sped-off. Could be all the bankers and investors make their dealings at this resto I bet. Hmmm I have a hunch this is going to be cool.

We were ushered in to the bar because we are too early for the reservation. At the bar they offered us all this drinks from expensive belgian beer to the wine. My husband tried the belgian beer and Doc and Sasia had coke while I had water. We stayed in the bar for about 30 minutes before we were called and lead to our table. It was cozy, the waiters are all in tux and we I checked the menu the cheapest entree was $38 I almost fainted but since the Dr will be paying I had steak fillet and shrimp. It was insanely delicious. From the appetizer to the main course whoohoo. The night was even capped by a nice company. Capt America and Doc had their usual funny chitchat while Sasia and I talked about something else.

After the nice meal we all head to their house. We stayed a little bit watched the movie Rush Hour which I enjoyed more than what we saw earlier. Well the night got too late Skipper and I decided to headback home in the company of our dogs and horses.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The week that was!

I missed blogging. Dividing my day between work, going to the gym, then my household and wifey duties there is no time left for my bloggging it's just impossible.

When I started working my day usually starts at 5:45 am then I would leave the house around 6:45 so I'l be at work before 7:30. My work schedule is 7:30-5:00 M-T with 30 mins lunch break and if you decide to take an hour break all you have to do is extend in the evening. Fri we only work half day. We have the state Auditors last week so I've to work overtime in the evening. When I finally got 40 hrs thursday my boss told me that I can go back to work on monday. Cool isn't it.

I'm lovin' my work, my co-workers in (Accounting) are all so nice to think that I am the only one that doesn't have blue, hazel or green eyes. I swear, sometimes I hope I can take a picture of our eyes and you'll easily recognize me. Oh I'm also the shortest and the sexiest (eventhough my weight bothers me alot). I gained 10 lbs that statrted last Thanksgiving and spiralled to Christmas. Now I find it so hard to shed the unwanted pounds though I've started doing pilates.

I also wonder why most of my co-workers eat small portions only like they're all in slimfast or weight watchers while I always have rice and eggroll for lunch (it's really the pinay in me). I'l die without eating my rice in a week. I will not trade a fish for a burger or a home cooked filipino food.

Oh one time this week too I almost hit a deer while driving one early morning. It was still dark and it was freezing outside I just left the house and within 2-3 mins of my driving a doe just hopped in front of me, I jerked the car almost hit her by the hair. I was petrified good thing I have the road all to myself and I was driving between 30 mph only since I have not been out of the main road. I also want to share the good news I learned how to gas up on my own. Did it once while my husband is at the other end of the phone coaching me step by step viola I made it.

Valentine's day, I got flowers from my husband we did go out but not on our fave resto which is an hr drive. He came from a meeting and I got home quite late too because of the valentine traffic it was horrible sitting in the traffic jam for a good 20 mins. I didn't know that Americans are big on Valentine's celebrations specially couples almost all of us women at the office got flowers from our partners. It was so cool and everyone was giving flowers and chocolates and candies. Wasn't that cool?

So folks that's how my week was? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday I hope I can blog because I have to do my laundry and clean the house first. Well if only I got paid well blogging I'll probably stay home nahhh staying home is not really for me I love dressing up, working my little brain out, and the most important thing earn money and start earning my retirement. See you all again! Have to go folks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I got another award from Avee this week. It took me awhile to claim the award but still I want to thank her and to let her know that it was an honor to be chosen as her blog of the month awardee. So what I'l do next is to share this to some bloggers like Soreal, Mycubicle, Reyna Elena (visit her site, it's cool, funny n funkie), Lordmanilastone (he stopped blogging wonder where he is), Juliana in NY, Liza, Prettylife, Mheldz, Chelle and Ivangirl.
I love this award picture just because of the dog. It reminded me of my beloved beagle dogs Oscar and Fred. Oh well I'm a proud dog mama so bear with me. Beagle rules!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Photo Hunt Heavy

For this week's theme heavy I can only think of the king of all tractor John Deere. I've seen this big and heavy bulk tractor from the farmer's parade we been to last summer.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's with American Addiction to Superbowl?

Eversince I got in the US last year I still cannot fathom the American's addiction to football. Yesterday, I went to the grocery to buy something and when I got to the cake section I've seen cakes and cookies shaped like football balls. I was amazed and I've seen some young girls actually checking out what they should buy and who's they're rooting for. I was really astounded by this football phenomenon every american television I bet would be glued to their tv for the big night.

My husband explained that it's like an American tradition almost like a superbowl holiday. I know that his son-in-law Toby is a big football fan. I remember he tailgated last summer with the Panthers in Atlanta painted his head with the logo. Tabitha said he even rubbed it on his kids. Colby and Colton are starting to get into football too. So no wonder his house is the place to be in tonight. They're throwing a superbowl party where all his firefighter friends would gather, drink beer, eat chicken wings and enjoy the ballgame. Stephanie and his girl friends were all gathered for their own superbowl party too. My husband and I decided to just stay at home to watch it. I also know that by tomorrow at work everyone will be talking about it too.

My boss is a big football game, yesterday we worked overtime and she told me that we can't stay until 4pm because she will have to go the supermarket to buy their food for tonight's superbowl. Who else is not into superbowl? I'm sure the bars will be packed too. My husband even told me that the inmates cellblocks will be buzzing with superbowl activity. Oh and who can forget the time when Pres. Bush got choked by a pretzel while watching superbowl.

Superbowl superbowl what's your magic that I also got hooked watching it. Oh by the way we rooted for the Giants. I think I'm in love with Eli Manning.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Photo Hunt Narrow

For this week's Photo Hunt entry for the theme Narrow again I'm posting a picture of another car. This is a narrow 1923 custom Roadster car. Ain't it cool?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Hunt Old Fashion

It should have been posted last week but I was so behind about things but still I want to join the photo hunt theme for last week and that is the old fashion. For that I have this photo of old cars that I took when we went to a car show last summer.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another driving experience!

I'm a working girl again. I started my new job two mondays ago. What a way to start, it was snowing although we only got an inch, it's super cold. It was really a big relief for me that my husband came home early to crank up my car, heat it up and see me off. I was thinking he was like a parent sending his kid to her first day of school.

It was really a big factor that he came home early on my first week of work to guide me through the uncooperative weather. I've experienced it all snow, rain, strong winds. The fact that I'm not an experience driver worries my husband so much. We've butted heads many times about my driving skills because he knows that I need to learn not just the basics but most importantly about safety. I'm really weak on backing up that's the main reason I failed my driving test the first time but up to now it's always been a problem for me. I would usually leave home early so that I'll have a leisurely drive at my backroad and get through the highway before the traffic gets heavy. At work I chose my parking spot far enough not to get too close to any other car. Also I stay some 15 mins more at work so that I'l have time to clear the parking lot by that time it's usually just my boss car and mine. Yey!

Also the usual problem of first time drivers running of gas has always been on my mind. One time last week I forgot to tell my husband that my gas tank is almost empty I only realized it when I got to work the next day and he's working that night. Since our schedules don't allow us to see each other I was afraid that I may run out of gas and get into big trouble out in the road all by myself. So that night after I got off from work I drove by the Harley Davidson shop and asked our friend Joe to help me gas up. Without hesitation, Joe followed me to the gas station and filled-up my gas tank.

To me a gas station is unfamiliar territory I wish it's like back home where you just drive to a gas station a gasoline boy will fill it up for you and even clean your windshiled no wonder the gas companies raking all the money. But on the second thought over here I have to be independent which is not always a good thing moments like this I wish that my husband it with me. Anyway, last sunday my husband for the nth time taught me the step by step process on gassing up on my own. Obviously it's not rocket science but the question is when I can do it on my own (probably by next month my timeline I gave myself) in the meantime I will be bothering some people to help me get through this phase lol!

It's been my second week of working I could tell that I'm gaining my driving experience day by day. Everyday you get to go through different situation that test your innate ability to survive the paved jungle of the urban road. I've learned the patience of keeping up with my speed limit even if others gets too close to my rear trying to get me to speed up but sorry folks it's not my cup of tea I maintain my allowed speed limit all the time. So on my morning drive, a school bus ahead of me is my best friend. Many drivers hate it and zigzag to pass through which is a big no no but I know it doesn't make me an idiot for following the rule.

One thing is clear though I don't like to drive I have no other choice so I might as well drive cautiously and safely.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back from the ski trip

Our ski trip is over. Again, I had a blasttttttttt! My husband and his son are ski afficionados. They always look forward to winter just so they could ski. For two weeks this father n son tandem has been so excited about this trip that they burned the line talking about getting reservation, checking the weather, and what to wear lol.

We started skiing tuesday morning around 9am. Stopped at Ski Barn rented our ski and ski boots (except for my husband and Kelly). They both got their own paraphernalia with them being long time skiers. We begun at the Silver Creek resort in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Got our lift tickets which included the Snowshoe Ski Resort (the two resort run together both under one management).

It was snowing at 19'o I was bundled up in four layers of leggings and long sleeve shirt then polypropelyne underwear(soo warm), fleece jacket, then ski pants and my jacket complete with my baggie, ear warmer and goggles. The next two hours was spent teaching me and Kayla (the 12 yr old daughter of our son's gf) the basics. This is my second time but still I had a hard time getting my balance. It was comedy of errors too. My first ride on the lift I wasn't able to get out so the man had to stop the lift and literally carried me off to the ground. Everyone's laughing about it.

I fell down and got up a millon times. I don't care, I've seen people tumbled, rolled over and got back on their feet. I was one of them but in the afternoon it was a real struggle for me. I was a bit scared to get too close to the edge for fear that I'll be sucked out of road and fall straight to the ravine. Oh that would be one nasty rescue effort. Snow's blowing, I don't have my contacts and even if I had my glasses on with my goggles still it was tough for me because moisture crept unto my goggles that it blinded me.

Although I enjoyed it, I had to quit I told my husband I'll just wait for them at the locker room. I was a bit frustrated because I felt that the men want to ski the black diamonds but with me around I'l just ruin their enthusiam. You see I can only ski on the greens anytime I'l see a big mound or a mountain of snow I chickened out. Anyway, to my mind I've already perfected the art of falling down and getting back up. It has to be this way, roll on your belly facing the mountain, lift one foot with the ski pole get up on your knee and presto I'l be back on the train again lol! That made my knees sored that I had to stop.

After 45 mins of resting, my husband, Kelly, Steph and Kayla emerged from the door and they too felt so tired that they all decided to call it a day. We've skied all we wanted to that day anyway. But as we were changing clothes Steph noticed that her tennis shoes was missing and then Kelly's too. Yup we didn't get a locker we just put our stuff under the bench but we didn't realized that someone will steal used shoes. Both of them were Nike's and Kelly's shoes got a $200 theraphy sole inside. That's what made the young man mad. We stopped at the only store in the mountain got him and Steph's new boots. We drove back to our hotel had dinner, we all had fun recapping the day. The men laughed about how they spent the day picking me up lol!

Our second day, we got to Silver Creek again and took the bus to Snowshoe Ski Resort. The resort's pretty it has over 50 trains open that day. This is where all the fun begun. It's a beautiful day the sun's up it was a breeze compare the other day. We all dressed less took off our polypropelyne and ski with just two layers. My first disaster for the day I got into a ditch trying to stay as far away from the edge. My husband has been teaching me get out of it. Our company (Steph, Kelly, Kayla) were already at the bottom and one guy told them a girl (that's me) got into the ditch and his father's (my husband)cussing her out. They all laughed so hard.

Eventually, I got the hang of it I fell couple of times that day. But still I couldn't master making my S turn. One time at this steep slope I skied and went straight line to the bottom, my husband tried to catch me but he failed, Kelly ducked trying to reach me but I just went fast him got to the bottom in a heartbeat. Kelly asked me why I was in such a hurry. We all had a hearty laughed.

Another thing, once in the lift I tried taking some pictures of the train that one of my ski poles fell. My husband said he'll just pay them but Kelly had to retrive them in the middle of the knee deep snow. He's my hero!

The rest of the day we enjoy just cruising around on our skis. I think we covered most of the green and blue trains. I didn't tried the black diamonds it scared me to death. One time my husband and Kelly tried to convince me and Kayla to face our fears but still we declined and decided to just meet them at the middle. We took the blue train instead. And that's how I managed to make my S turn perfectly. Well my husband complemented me by saying I got a good balance all I need to do is practice making my ski turn. Just when I got the hang of it that's when they all decided to stop and head back to our hotel, it's getting dark anyway.

The men planned on going back to do some night skiing but since we're all whopped from the long hours we spent skiing they both decided to stay at the hotel and chill out. We slept long that night. We woke up before 9am from Kelly's call telling us to look at the window because it's going to be a long drive back home. After breakfast we all head back to Robbins. Sure enough, it was a long treacherous snowy drive home. We all had fun and the ski addicts that the men are they're now both planning a day trip to Winter Place for another ski trip this time without the women around. Goodluck to them lol!

Saturday Photo Hunt " Important"

Saturday Photo Hunt "Important"

This week's theme is "Important" and the perfect photo for me is my new job's paperworks. At this point in time of my life, as a new immigrant in the US my first job validated the fact that my life has just begun. Between getting my greencard five months ago, getting my Social Security No. a month later, then my driver's license another month later and this new job two months later it meant a whole lot to me. I consider this a very important milestone in my life.

So here's the copy of my paperworks that I need to complete. My Form W-4, 401K application, health insurance, application, and all the requirements that needs to be filled out and submitted to my employer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to our ski holiday!

It's 8:30 am eastern time and Im all agog going over our stuff for this trip. Still there's the usual last minute shopping that we need to do. My husband realized that instead of renting me a ski wear we'll just buy it since we always ski yearly (my husband sometimes does it two to three times a year. The only thing I need to rent is my ski pole and boots (it's so hard to find my size). So last saturday, we got a ski pants (wanted a bib but there's no one that fits me lol), couldn't find goggles and the polypropylene underwear in the sports store. Today, we'll swing by the military store to try find one for me.

I don't know just before I got my job I was really excited for this trip but now all I want to do is start work. Weird, I enjoy snow skiing in fact my first time experienced last year was a blast. Well, everyone has been telling me to chill out and enjoy the trip because once I started working vacation will be less. Whatever it is I am now more excited to work thank ski, I don't know I just want this thing to be done and over it.

So folks I'l see you all when we get back. Please pray for our safe trip. I'l keep you all posted.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt "Skinny"

I wanted to join this photo hunt eversince I discovered it from some bloggers two weeks ago but I was always busy bloghopping that I only decided to post my first photo and the category for the week is "skinny". I saw my husband's ski pole that I came to realized it could fit the skinny category so here it is...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got the job I wanted!

I started the year with a bang! I've been to 5 interviews in just 9 days I actually have another couple of interviews scheduled tomorrow and monday. I didn't pursue them anymore because after months of job hunting I got the job that I've been praying for.

I wanted to work close to home, where I could drive without going through the interstate or the belt-line tho' I still went to several interviews in the big city. Last week was a bummer, I got one call telling me that I didn't get the Plant Controller job. The head hunter has told me that I did well in the interview (they always tell you that) but apparently someone with much experience got the job. Like a true soldier I took the defeat not as a blow to my self-esteem but another challenge as I anxiously await the result of four more jobs lined-up for me.

So today the Controller from this company that interviewed me last tuesday has offered me the job. I was still in bed when I got the call this morning, when I read the caller ID I felt a sudden rush clothed all over me. I thought it could be the bad news. The initial hi, how are you? conversation start-up has gotten me excited that I could feel my adrenalin all pumped up. Then the good news, she told me that they're offering me the Accountant job. She asked if I could start this Jan. 16 but I told her that we're going to Virginia for a snow skiing trip which has been scheduled before this job search started. We then both agreed that I'l start on the 21st. She explained some more things (I was jumping with joy), told me that she emailed me the job offer for me to look at, if it's agreeable to me.

As soon as she hung up the phone I was estatic. I couldn't contain my happiness. It was a dream job especially the employment package plus the biggest bonus is that it's closer to home all back road driving. Tomorrow I'l be going to my future company to sign the offer and do the customary "drug testing". I am excited, I recognized that as a new immigrant this is now the final step of my journey.

As always, I should give credit to my husband who drove me to all these interviews without complain. Sometimes, it even intervenes with his schedule but still he patiently supported me all the way. I'l take you to dinner when I get my first pay check.

I am really thankful for this blessing from the Lord. It is a living testament that God answer prayers. God is good! I give back all the glory, honor and thanksgiving to him!

Blogger Friends!

Juliana of Juliana's Lair has given me this cute blogger friend recognition. It was indeed a touching thing so thanks Juliana. The blogsphere is a fascinating world I never thought I can share friendship with my fellow bloggers. I proved myself wrong
I met alot of wonderful people so I'm sharing this to Weng of Asawakomahalko, Chelle of Myblog Mybilog, Ivan girl, Pretty life online, Jazevox, Liza in Manila. I appreciate your online friendship and thank you guys!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tagged and Awards!

I am so sorry Pretty Life Online it's been quite a while but thank you so much for this award!

I have been behind so many tags that was given to me, it's not really my thing but I guess out of courtesy to those who tagged me I'l do it hehehehe

So Juliana tagged me for this,
Will You Keep Your New Year's Resolution!

You Will Keep Your New Year's Resolution

You planning on making a resolution that's smart, attainable, and perfect for where your life is.

Job Interview!

I'm really gung-ho on finding a job. As far as work is concern my search is limited to around 30 mins drive from home. You all know we live in the country an hour away from the big city. I have blogged before how I was so disappointed to not even get a job interview from the other community college around here all I got were five thank you letters for the five positions I tried applying for.

Finally, around fist week of December I got a call from another community college for an interview set two days later. It was a panel interview and as soon as I took my seat the Controller explained to me the college's mission, the job requirements plus the duties and resposibilities. They have a set of questionnaire and I noticed that no one asked me about any personal information about me. The interview went smoothly but once I stepped out of the building I assessed myself and as always I got this naggging feeling that I blew it and could have said this or that would have been a better answer rather than what I gave them.

As we drove home I told my husband my gut feel is it's 60% positive I'l get call again for the final interview. I wanted the job so much that the anticipation of waiting and waiting and waiting for another call left me with little stress. I couldn't sleep for two nights I don't know my husband has time and again reminded me to just leave it to the Lord if I'l get the job it's really meant to be if not take it positively.

After two days I got the call for another interview the next day. I was told that it will be the final selection process and there would only be two of us. The interview went smoothly tho' I had a hint it was a 50/50 chance because the VP was hinting that it was an entry level position it seems I am well over qualified. Of course I tried to sell myself and counter her concern I almost wanted to beg her to just give me the job. I think I left them a good impression of me they both said that I was really good and can articulate myself especially when they grilled me with my Accounting experience.

To sum it all, two days later I got the "dreaded" call. The HR Manager explained to me that it was really a hard decision for them it was like 50/50 but eventually the favor went to the other applicant. Tho' I didn't get the job I was happy that I was treated professionally, fairly, and I did it on my own without politics or favor. It has also lifted up my sagging spirit that I'l never find job anywhere around here.

To top it all I was given the assurance that if I could just wait they'll have an Asst. Controller position created and they'll hire me in a heartbeat. I don't know if they're just trying to appease me but they all sound very sincere with what they promised. Anyway, eventhough the job wasn't meant for me it was an experienced of a lifetime as my mother always tell me charge it to experience. I know the window of opportunity has been opened up for me because my job search has just begun.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Things to be Thankful for the year 2007

As we usher to a new year, I would like to thank the Lord for all the wonderful blessings that I have received for 2007. Above all these blessings 10 things stand out for me this year.

1. After 7 yrs I am now settled for good with my husband, it was a long wonderful journey. I am blessed with the best husband in the world.
2. My family back home especially my heroes nanay and tatay. My inspirations are my nephews and nieces Pau, Anton, Ynno, Mico, Cj, Biboy, Karl, Klarisse. Also my siblings and cousins.
3. It has been a blessing that I have no trouble blending in with my husband's big family they all love me and I love them all too especially my mother-in-law, Aunt Bonnie, Kelly, Tabitha, Toby, Caleb, Colby and Colton.
4. My GCF church back in the Philippines who first nurtured my faith and relationship with the Lord then my Crossroad Baptist church here.
5. My HS friends, they are all the best we've been scattered all over the globe but the world wide web makes us feel like we're beside each other. Reggie in Fl, Amel in PA, Ester in CA, August & Nonah in Bahrain, Malou Jonel & Felix in Singapore, All of those left in Philippines Bobby, JayR, Zeny, Daisy, Momom, Eddie, Marivic. Also my college friends Roanne in Chicago and Pie in San Francisco (we'll definitely see each other this 2008).
Miss you all guys!
6. My Digitel family, it was an experienced of a lifetime working with them. I've learned alot and they're all good we are like one big happy family around 80 Accountants in the Comptrollership Division tho' people come and go the camaraderie add more fun to the endless closing, overtime, reports and "pasaway na boss". But I especially want to thank these people my Revenue Accounting family Ms Mariz, Nellie, Grace, Venus, Shawee, Mitch, Rayme, Connie, Marie, Sir Robert, Maam Malou, Thess, Leslie, Sean, Chris, Bogs, Brian, Gibs, Jane, Leslie, Mommy Fe they all want to be mentioned especially my badminton group I miss them so much...
7. My best best pals in Canada Jeima, Miss Lize, and Dred they are my support group and have been there with me through the bad times of my life. May we finally get to see each other this 2008.
8. Jackie and Joe Seago they're like my siblings, we take care of each other's back, Minda Ramos Quimson in LA she's a mentor, big sister, friend, confidant all rolled into one. I also want to acknowledge Malou and Steve Farnsworth in Mo, Love and Al Kaltenhauser in Wy, Irene and Oliv in France thank you all for the friendship!
9. The blog world it fascinates me no end plus I love reading other blogs especially filipino bloggers like Lord Manila Stone, Reyna Elena, YeloKity, Francesca in France, Senor Enrique, Bianca Gonzales, most of them don't even know I read them lol and alot more. Also I got to know alot of friends in the blogsphere beginning with Pretty life online, Liza in Manila, Ivan Girl, Weng of Pinay Life Abroad,Jazevox, Sarah, Lira, Raquel, Darlene, Chelle, Rowena in Manila they're all a friend to me... Continue Blogging everyone!
10.Last but definitely not the least my dogs they make me so happy, Oscar and Fred their cousins Noodles, Blue and Dixie. Also our horses, Shadow and Lil Joe they're all my companion most times that I'm alone and some "boring no one to talk to day".

So Thank you 2007 and here's to prosperous and blessed happy new year to everyone!