Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I wanted to share the email my boss sent me yesterday. It goes like this, Don't forget to remember the sacrifices of the people who made this country the greatest nation on earth! Celebrate our freedon welcome to America Land of the brave, home of the free! touching isn't it!

We don't have big plan today. Last year we went to the lake to watch the fireworks but today we opted to stay home, have a bbq with my hubby's family and some of my filipina friends (my closest circle). Happy 4th of July everyone!

Team Pacquiao

Oh well, we got invited to a filipino couple in Southern Pines cook-out. It was Hermie and Tony Reyes' cook-out so without hesitation off we go. This summer for two straight weeks we are out with our friends house for a cook-out. It's always alot of fun meeting friends for fellowship and food.

This night is alot different, more than the food and drinks it's Pacquiao night. My husband loves contact sports like UFC, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA and boxing though his family are all football fanatics. So tonight is extra special as we're are with our filipino community and as always you'll expect it to be a blast.

We are not disappointed the food was terrific and it's all authentic filipino food you bet! Hermie's mom from Chicago who is "kapampangan" no doubt the food are all sinfully good. We all kept coming back to the table for more. I can't believe my husband ate every filipino food that was served from "kalderetang kambing, dinuguan to papaitan he got no shame. He enjoyed every bit of it.

So by the time the fight is on, everyone's full and Hermie's basement was filled with Pacquiao fans. We enjoyed the fight, got home at 1:00 am and crushed and burn.