Thursday, September 11, 2008

Age Gap!

I went to a wedding last weekend. It was one of our friends from my fil-am community. You know how we are filipinos are, it's a friend of a friend, met him twice in a gathering next thing I knew I was invited to their wedding.

He is a doctor and she is a young lass from Mindanao. She's in her early twenties and he's in his 60's. It is really a big age gap. I don't know, it is really hard for me to write about this because she is one of my own. I mean she's a filipina too. People talk behind their back about the relationship (for obvious reason) the girl is a young woman and the man is old enough to be his grandfather.

You know people can be brutal. I've known many filipinas with a much older guys and I can tell that it's a happy union, from most that I've seen and from couples that we knew. I think at the beginning it will always be a shocked. I initially felt uneasy at that wedding just by looking at the couple but I got over it. This is what I've learned from all of this. Yes filipinas look for foreign husband on the net to get out of the Philippines and get out of poverty. I find comfort in the fact that one very poor, no education filipina who marries a foreigner, get out of the country and lift her family out of poverty to me that is justifiable but other times it's sinister.

But at this wedding I felt securely comfortable, I knew Lia and Dr. P's love for each other put all the naysayers doubt to rest. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. P! (I'm heeding your request to not put your pictures on my blog.) It was indeed a simple, lovely and enchanting evening. Best Wishes!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got another tickets!

I got another tickets for the Panthers game this weekend. I wanted to go but my hubby is working so that means if he's not going I will have to stay at home to watch the game. That sucks! Fact is I don't want to drive to Charlotte and get into all traffic jam.

I wanted to go back to see the game but have decided to give our tickets to Joey (my hubby's nephews). He's a big Chicago Bears fan and he was thrilled to death when my hubby called him for the tickets (If I know he's got a date that his trying to impress huh!)

We got season tickets at work that will be raffled off every Panthers game so I know I'l be back again to scream my lungs out for the Panthers. See you soon Peppers!