Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm officially a Carolina Panthers Fan!

I won two tickets at work for the Carolina Panthers vs. the Washington Redskins pre-season game.

I'm not a big fan of football but I know my husband's son-in-law is a big Panthers fan and so as his sons Colby and Colton. He was salivating for that ticket unfortunately I want to go for the experience and out of curiosity. Everyone at work talks about it, Toby, Colby and Colton are addicted so I want to go and have a first hand experience of how the game is being played at the stadium.

So last saturday we went to the game. My ever supportive husband took me to the game. Miles away from the arena was bumper to bumper traffic. We got to find a parking space a mile away from the stadium. Boy it was craaaaaaaaazy, as soon as we parked our car, the parking lot was packed with tailgaters. I found it fascinating from the tailgaters party, the cheering crowd (oh yes it's a hometown crowd the Redskins were totally outnumbered), the scalpers (I thought it was only in the Philippines), the fans who are all enthusiastic from kids to fathers, mothers, grandparents, people from all walks of life. It was truly a good family form of entertainment. No wonder NFL is a multi-million dollar industry.

Walking to our ticket seats (took us 30 mins walk) was exciting with all the cheering crowd, the crazy fans went wild everytime their team scores it was pandemonium. I was so amazed me. It got me hook. The moment I stepped into the big arena and blend in with the hometown "Panthers" crowd I knew it's gonna be the start for me. I am now officially a Panthers diehard. Oh we won by a big margin 43-7. I couldn't be so happy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I only work half a day on friday so that means the rest of the day is going to be spend either shopping or going with my friends for coffee while we trade stories about our lives and our family back home. Since I carpool with my co-worker Linda and I was the driver this week I just told her to take me to starbucks where I will meet my friend Jeanette and she'll drive me back to her house to get my car at her house later that day.

After Jeanette and I went with our day going around the shops we both decided to head back home. My friend suggested that we drive around using country road because we both love to sight see and just talk in the car privately in our native tounge. So we drove and drove around looking for beautiful houses and frontyard then she decided to check this "crate myrtle" nursery which is a good 10 mins drive out of our way.

We finally had our fun sightseeing and head back home. After about 15 mins of driving she noticed that it seems we were lost. We knew we're suppose to turn left to an intersection but we ran into a dead end. As we we're debating about which way we're suppose to have there's a car behind us so I told her to pulled the car to the side and continue our debate. Yes she pulled the car at the side of the road and we ended up in a ditch.

Both of us got scared, we're at an unfamiliar road with fewer cars on the road. Lo and behold an older guy in a mercedez pulled over and asked us if we need to call a tow truck crew. We couldn't think straight the next thing we knew there's a young guy (probably in his 20's) who also pulled over and helped us. It was so fast the younger guy has pulled up the front tire of the car and the other guy pushed the back tire back to the ground while my friend put her car in reverse and next thing I knew viola her car was able to get out of the ditch. We are grateful for these two good samaritans who has helped us. I believe that angels do exist and most times it's total stranger who just come and go in an instant after they've helped you.

I happened to snapped a photo of these two super heroes that we are so grateful for helping us. It's truly a wonderful experience.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm sure glad I found time to blog. It's already 12:36 am I couldn't sleep what better way to keep someone up but to blog hop and eventually write something. It's been a while since I last wrote something about me. Been so busy with work, cook-outs, going out-of-town, riding our Harley, taking care of my babies (my husband, two beagles and a hound), doing my household chores, and the list goes on and on.
I said before blogging takes my time from doing our Summer projects that's why I went on a self-impose "hiatus". So what did I accomplish while I was hibernating hmmmm let me think. I went to endless cook-outs that's why I gained 18 lbs. I got me a "karaoke" magic sing and wear out that little machine like there's no tomorrow. What a shame?

I've been a slacker, I wish I have more time to do this blog, blog, blog, blog, just blog. Wish me luck!