Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Night of Social Climbing!

I hope I used and learned the basic social climbing skills from Reyna Elena. Yesterday we went to visit my husband's friend who's a doctor and lives in Greensboro, NC. Since it's an hour drive we left early so we could hit the mall and do some shopping. Got to the mall and it was packed. We checked some items and my husband said we could go back the next days so that we'll have plenty of time. It was like in and out in 30 mins lol!

Anyway when we got to the doctor's house I was really amazed not by the size of his house (which is palatial to me) but with 3 lexus cars parked in their garage. We'll he's a doctor and he could afford to drive in style. He and my husband works together and have been friends a long time. He calls my husband Capt. America or skipper which I find a little funny.
When we got inside the house and got settled in I was introduced to his kids and his wife. They're all so nice.

The plan was we are all going out to see a movie and then have dinner after. So before we left the house Doc called a restaurant and made reservation for a party of four at 8pm. We used the Doc's car which is the a brand new fully loaded Lexus. My husband asked him how much it costs, he said about $75 grand. Wheewwww it was a cool car with all the amenities like camera for backing, seat heater (it was chilly that night), navigation, blinds etc etc. I'm kinda impressed but I know I can't own a brand new fully loaded Lexus in this lifetime because I couldn't afford it or even if I win the lottery I'm not into fancy cars I'd rather have old restored cars that is if I win the lottery and that will not happen because I don't buy ticket.

It's also worth mentioning that the Doc despite his status and his money dressed in "bobo" outfit as what he and my husband call it. He got on a cheap jeans, faded shirt and his shoes was he said he bought at Walmart for $10 and borrowed a pair of colored sack from his son. I love it, it's so cool some people who don't even have the money dressed and act like they're royalty when in fact loaded with credit card debt. Hurray Doc for being just like who you are.

We then head to the movie house. Since I didn't like the movie it was forgettable I can't even remember it's title something to do with "Bartlett" whatever! Anyway, we only watched the movie to pass time since our reservation at the resto is at 8pm. We got out of the theather past 7 pm so Sasia called the restaurant and asked if we could be there earlier than 8pm and they said yes. We got to this restaurant (I don't know where) the only thing I knew was it was at Merry & Lynch building so I knew it must be high-end especially when I saw a a limo in front of it and a couple and their kids hopped in and then it sped-off. Could be all the bankers and investors make their dealings at this resto I bet. Hmmm I have a hunch this is going to be cool.

We were ushered in to the bar because we are too early for the reservation. At the bar they offered us all this drinks from expensive belgian beer to the wine. My husband tried the belgian beer and Doc and Sasia had coke while I had water. We stayed in the bar for about 30 minutes before we were called and lead to our table. It was cozy, the waiters are all in tux and we I checked the menu the cheapest entree was $38 I almost fainted but since the Dr will be paying I had steak fillet and shrimp. It was insanely delicious. From the appetizer to the main course whoohoo. The night was even capped by a nice company. Capt America and Doc had their usual funny chitchat while Sasia and I talked about something else.

After the nice meal we all head to their house. We stayed a little bit watched the movie Rush Hour which I enjoyed more than what we saw earlier. Well the night got too late Skipper and I decided to headback home in the company of our dogs and horses.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The week that was!

I missed blogging. Dividing my day between work, going to the gym, then my household and wifey duties there is no time left for my bloggging it's just impossible.

When I started working my day usually starts at 5:45 am then I would leave the house around 6:45 so I'l be at work before 7:30. My work schedule is 7:30-5:00 M-T with 30 mins lunch break and if you decide to take an hour break all you have to do is extend in the evening. Fri we only work half day. We have the state Auditors last week so I've to work overtime in the evening. When I finally got 40 hrs thursday my boss told me that I can go back to work on monday. Cool isn't it.

I'm lovin' my work, my co-workers in (Accounting) are all so nice to think that I am the only one that doesn't have blue, hazel or green eyes. I swear, sometimes I hope I can take a picture of our eyes and you'll easily recognize me. Oh I'm also the shortest and the sexiest (eventhough my weight bothers me alot). I gained 10 lbs that statrted last Thanksgiving and spiralled to Christmas. Now I find it so hard to shed the unwanted pounds though I've started doing pilates.

I also wonder why most of my co-workers eat small portions only like they're all in slimfast or weight watchers while I always have rice and eggroll for lunch (it's really the pinay in me). I'l die without eating my rice in a week. I will not trade a fish for a burger or a home cooked filipino food.

Oh one time this week too I almost hit a deer while driving one early morning. It was still dark and it was freezing outside I just left the house and within 2-3 mins of my driving a doe just hopped in front of me, I jerked the car almost hit her by the hair. I was petrified good thing I have the road all to myself and I was driving between 30 mph only since I have not been out of the main road. I also want to share the good news I learned how to gas up on my own. Did it once while my husband is at the other end of the phone coaching me step by step viola I made it.

Valentine's day, I got flowers from my husband we did go out but not on our fave resto which is an hr drive. He came from a meeting and I got home quite late too because of the valentine traffic it was horrible sitting in the traffic jam for a good 20 mins. I didn't know that Americans are big on Valentine's celebrations specially couples almost all of us women at the office got flowers from our partners. It was so cool and everyone was giving flowers and chocolates and candies. Wasn't that cool?

So folks that's how my week was? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday I hope I can blog because I have to do my laundry and clean the house first. Well if only I got paid well blogging I'll probably stay home nahhh staying home is not really for me I love dressing up, working my little brain out, and the most important thing earn money and start earning my retirement. See you all again! Have to go folks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I got another award from Avee this week. It took me awhile to claim the award but still I want to thank her and to let her know that it was an honor to be chosen as her blog of the month awardee. So what I'l do next is to share this to some bloggers like Soreal, Mycubicle, Reyna Elena (visit her site, it's cool, funny n funkie), Lordmanilastone (he stopped blogging wonder where he is), Juliana in NY, Liza, Prettylife, Mheldz, Chelle and Ivangirl.
I love this award picture just because of the dog. It reminded me of my beloved beagle dogs Oscar and Fred. Oh well I'm a proud dog mama so bear with me. Beagle rules!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Photo Hunt Heavy

For this week's theme heavy I can only think of the king of all tractor John Deere. I've seen this big and heavy bulk tractor from the farmer's parade we been to last summer.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's with American Addiction to Superbowl?

Eversince I got in the US last year I still cannot fathom the American's addiction to football. Yesterday, I went to the grocery to buy something and when I got to the cake section I've seen cakes and cookies shaped like football balls. I was amazed and I've seen some young girls actually checking out what they should buy and who's they're rooting for. I was really astounded by this football phenomenon every american television I bet would be glued to their tv for the big night.

My husband explained that it's like an American tradition almost like a superbowl holiday. I know that his son-in-law Toby is a big football fan. I remember he tailgated last summer with the Panthers in Atlanta painted his head with the logo. Tabitha said he even rubbed it on his kids. Colby and Colton are starting to get into football too. So no wonder his house is the place to be in tonight. They're throwing a superbowl party where all his firefighter friends would gather, drink beer, eat chicken wings and enjoy the ballgame. Stephanie and his girl friends were all gathered for their own superbowl party too. My husband and I decided to just stay at home to watch it. I also know that by tomorrow at work everyone will be talking about it too.

My boss is a big football game, yesterday we worked overtime and she told me that we can't stay until 4pm because she will have to go the supermarket to buy their food for tonight's superbowl. Who else is not into superbowl? I'm sure the bars will be packed too. My husband even told me that the inmates cellblocks will be buzzing with superbowl activity. Oh and who can forget the time when Pres. Bush got choked by a pretzel while watching superbowl.

Superbowl superbowl what's your magic that I also got hooked watching it. Oh by the way we rooted for the Giants. I think I'm in love with Eli Manning.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Photo Hunt Narrow

For this week's Photo Hunt entry for the theme Narrow again I'm posting a picture of another car. This is a narrow 1923 custom Roadster car. Ain't it cool?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Hunt Old Fashion

It should have been posted last week but I was so behind about things but still I want to join the photo hunt theme for last week and that is the old fashion. For that I have this photo of old cars that I took when we went to a car show last summer.