Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's with American Addiction to Superbowl?

Eversince I got in the US last year I still cannot fathom the American's addiction to football. Yesterday, I went to the grocery to buy something and when I got to the cake section I've seen cakes and cookies shaped like football balls. I was amazed and I've seen some young girls actually checking out what they should buy and who's they're rooting for. I was really astounded by this football phenomenon every american television I bet would be glued to their tv for the big night.

My husband explained that it's like an American tradition almost like a superbowl holiday. I know that his son-in-law Toby is a big football fan. I remember he tailgated last summer with the Panthers in Atlanta painted his head with the logo. Tabitha said he even rubbed it on his kids. Colby and Colton are starting to get into football too. So no wonder his house is the place to be in tonight. They're throwing a superbowl party where all his firefighter friends would gather, drink beer, eat chicken wings and enjoy the ballgame. Stephanie and his girl friends were all gathered for their own superbowl party too. My husband and I decided to just stay at home to watch it. I also know that by tomorrow at work everyone will be talking about it too.

My boss is a big football game, yesterday we worked overtime and she told me that we can't stay until 4pm because she will have to go the supermarket to buy their food for tonight's superbowl. Who else is not into superbowl? I'm sure the bars will be packed too. My husband even told me that the inmates cellblocks will be buzzing with superbowl activity. Oh and who can forget the time when Pres. Bush got choked by a pretzel while watching superbowl.

Superbowl superbowl what's your magic that I also got hooked watching it. Oh by the way we rooted for the Giants. I think I'm in love with Eli Manning.


reyna elena said...

hay naku! i don';t watch football pero superbowl, i watch the commercials kasi mga bago! hahaha

MsDopey said...

i love football... kunwari lang so I can relate with my son and other papa's around lol