Sunday, February 17, 2008

The week that was!

I missed blogging. Dividing my day between work, going to the gym, then my household and wifey duties there is no time left for my bloggging it's just impossible.

When I started working my day usually starts at 5:45 am then I would leave the house around 6:45 so I'l be at work before 7:30. My work schedule is 7:30-5:00 M-T with 30 mins lunch break and if you decide to take an hour break all you have to do is extend in the evening. Fri we only work half day. We have the state Auditors last week so I've to work overtime in the evening. When I finally got 40 hrs thursday my boss told me that I can go back to work on monday. Cool isn't it.

I'm lovin' my work, my co-workers in (Accounting) are all so nice to think that I am the only one that doesn't have blue, hazel or green eyes. I swear, sometimes I hope I can take a picture of our eyes and you'll easily recognize me. Oh I'm also the shortest and the sexiest (eventhough my weight bothers me alot). I gained 10 lbs that statrted last Thanksgiving and spiralled to Christmas. Now I find it so hard to shed the unwanted pounds though I've started doing pilates.

I also wonder why most of my co-workers eat small portions only like they're all in slimfast or weight watchers while I always have rice and eggroll for lunch (it's really the pinay in me). I'l die without eating my rice in a week. I will not trade a fish for a burger or a home cooked filipino food.

Oh one time this week too I almost hit a deer while driving one early morning. It was still dark and it was freezing outside I just left the house and within 2-3 mins of my driving a doe just hopped in front of me, I jerked the car almost hit her by the hair. I was petrified good thing I have the road all to myself and I was driving between 30 mph only since I have not been out of the main road. I also want to share the good news I learned how to gas up on my own. Did it once while my husband is at the other end of the phone coaching me step by step viola I made it.

Valentine's day, I got flowers from my husband we did go out but not on our fave resto which is an hr drive. He came from a meeting and I got home quite late too because of the valentine traffic it was horrible sitting in the traffic jam for a good 20 mins. I didn't know that Americans are big on Valentine's celebrations specially couples almost all of us women at the office got flowers from our partners. It was so cool and everyone was giving flowers and chocolates and candies. Wasn't that cool?

So folks that's how my week was? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday I hope I can blog because I have to do my laundry and clean the house first. Well if only I got paid well blogging I'll probably stay home nahhh staying home is not really for me I love dressing up, working my little brain out, and the most important thing earn money and start earning my retirement. See you all again! Have to go folks!


Liza said...

Hi! It's nice to hear that your enjoying work, better be careful when driving though, I hear a lot of accidents with deers.

Take care and have a nice day.

My World said...

Hi! Good to hear you're having a good time at work and you're doing fine driving. I'd like to point out though, refrain from using the cell phone when pumping gas please. There's a big danger lurking as fire can ensue from the static electricity created while using the cell at the same time. Just wanted you to be safe sis. Take care.

MsPinkBiik said...

Hi. Just dropping by!