Monday, June 23, 2008

Car pool!

It's been two months since my co-worker Linda and I decided to carpool. With the soaring gas prices our carpooling system has really helped both of us saved on gas. I lived 5 miles from where Linda lives and we commute about 18 miles to work everyday. So when she came home from her vacation to Italy last April we decided to go green. Honestly it has saved me over $100/month which is a big sum considering the fact that I used to gas up every week, my full tank used to cost me $40/week but now it's $50, so the carpool was really a big help not only with money, gas and also mileage (wear and tear).

Our set-up is like this, we drive alternately each week. This week has been her driving week and she just got an old convertible little "miata" which brought us to work everyday in style driving topdown. Armed with a sunglasses, headband, scarp, and Linda's cd collection it makes our driving fun and enjoyable going through traffic. The weather's has been so cooperative it's a little cooler compare to the super hot weather we had the previous weeks. So folks here's my ride to work for the week and tomorrow my big reliable buddy buick will be our company as we travel and conquer the road this week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back for Good

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I missed it, so many friends and relatives who read my blog wonder what happened to me. I mean blogging is one of the ways to reach out to my relatives and friends back home. They all worry about me too (I feel so love, isn't it?). I've squared away so many things that gets in my blogging so I'm definitely back for good. I'l write more soon, watch out!

Oh before I forget thank you to all of you who have visited me despite my silence ( I sometimes lurk in the deepest corner and watch those who come to see me). Again, my sincerest thank you and apologies.