Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm officially a Carolina Panthers Fan!

I won two tickets at work for the Carolina Panthers vs. the Washington Redskins pre-season game.

I'm not a big fan of football but I know my husband's son-in-law is a big Panthers fan and so as his sons Colby and Colton. He was salivating for that ticket unfortunately I want to go for the experience and out of curiosity. Everyone at work talks about it, Toby, Colby and Colton are addicted so I want to go and have a first hand experience of how the game is being played at the stadium.

So last saturday we went to the game. My ever supportive husband took me to the game. Miles away from the arena was bumper to bumper traffic. We got to find a parking space a mile away from the stadium. Boy it was craaaaaaaaazy, as soon as we parked our car, the parking lot was packed with tailgaters. I found it fascinating from the tailgaters party, the cheering crowd (oh yes it's a hometown crowd the Redskins were totally outnumbered), the scalpers (I thought it was only in the Philippines), the fans who are all enthusiastic from kids to fathers, mothers, grandparents, people from all walks of life. It was truly a good family form of entertainment. No wonder NFL is a multi-million dollar industry.

Walking to our ticket seats (took us 30 mins walk) was exciting with all the cheering crowd, the crazy fans went wild everytime their team scores it was pandemonium. I was so amazed me. It got me hook. The moment I stepped into the big arena and blend in with the hometown "Panthers" crowd I knew it's gonna be the start for me. I am now officially a Panthers diehard. Oh we won by a big margin 43-7. I couldn't be so happy.


reyna elena said...

haha nakita rin kita! kakahiya! batang bata ka pala! otsenta uno ako pag ikaw makatabi ko hehehe! uy wag mapikon sa mga ratsada demokratika nang lola noh? kiver kiver lang ateng

yang bwisit na futbol na yan, gurang na ako sa merika wez ko pa rin magetz yan, nanood ako pag yong dalawang magkapatid na tiga Boston ang mega play hehehe, ayoko sa eagles, walang gwapo hehehe

Anonymous said...

I am still to appreciate the football game. I need to know more rules for me to be hooked into it. Sa ngayon, di ko sya gets, so confusing. But my husband and stepson are big fans of the Chargers!

Foreign-Marriages said...

hi glenda i was here