Friday, January 4, 2008

Job Interview!

I'm really gung-ho on finding a job. As far as work is concern my search is limited to around 30 mins drive from home. You all know we live in the country an hour away from the big city. I have blogged before how I was so disappointed to not even get a job interview from the other community college around here all I got were five thank you letters for the five positions I tried applying for.

Finally, around fist week of December I got a call from another community college for an interview set two days later. It was a panel interview and as soon as I took my seat the Controller explained to me the college's mission, the job requirements plus the duties and resposibilities. They have a set of questionnaire and I noticed that no one asked me about any personal information about me. The interview went smoothly but once I stepped out of the building I assessed myself and as always I got this naggging feeling that I blew it and could have said this or that would have been a better answer rather than what I gave them.

As we drove home I told my husband my gut feel is it's 60% positive I'l get call again for the final interview. I wanted the job so much that the anticipation of waiting and waiting and waiting for another call left me with little stress. I couldn't sleep for two nights I don't know my husband has time and again reminded me to just leave it to the Lord if I'l get the job it's really meant to be if not take it positively.

After two days I got the call for another interview the next day. I was told that it will be the final selection process and there would only be two of us. The interview went smoothly tho' I had a hint it was a 50/50 chance because the VP was hinting that it was an entry level position it seems I am well over qualified. Of course I tried to sell myself and counter her concern I almost wanted to beg her to just give me the job. I think I left them a good impression of me they both said that I was really good and can articulate myself especially when they grilled me with my Accounting experience.

To sum it all, two days later I got the "dreaded" call. The HR Manager explained to me that it was really a hard decision for them it was like 50/50 but eventually the favor went to the other applicant. Tho' I didn't get the job I was happy that I was treated professionally, fairly, and I did it on my own without politics or favor. It has also lifted up my sagging spirit that I'l never find job anywhere around here.

To top it all I was given the assurance that if I could just wait they'll have an Asst. Controller position created and they'll hire me in a heartbeat. I don't know if they're just trying to appease me but they all sound very sincere with what they promised. Anyway, eventhough the job wasn't meant for me it was an experienced of a lifetime as my mother always tell me charge it to experience. I know the window of opportunity has been opened up for me because my job search has just begun.

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Liza said...

You're mom is right, just charge it to experience. And never forget when a door closes on you a window will open ;) Take care and have a great weekend.