Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back from the ski trip

Our ski trip is over. Again, I had a blasttttttttt! My husband and his son are ski afficionados. They always look forward to winter just so they could ski. For two weeks this father n son tandem has been so excited about this trip that they burned the line talking about getting reservation, checking the weather, and what to wear lol.

We started skiing tuesday morning around 9am. Stopped at Ski Barn rented our ski and ski boots (except for my husband and Kelly). They both got their own paraphernalia with them being long time skiers. We begun at the Silver Creek resort in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Got our lift tickets which included the Snowshoe Ski Resort (the two resort run together both under one management).

It was snowing at 19'o I was bundled up in four layers of leggings and long sleeve shirt then polypropelyne underwear(soo warm), fleece jacket, then ski pants and my jacket complete with my baggie, ear warmer and goggles. The next two hours was spent teaching me and Kayla (the 12 yr old daughter of our son's gf) the basics. This is my second time but still I had a hard time getting my balance. It was comedy of errors too. My first ride on the lift I wasn't able to get out so the man had to stop the lift and literally carried me off to the ground. Everyone's laughing about it.

I fell down and got up a millon times. I don't care, I've seen people tumbled, rolled over and got back on their feet. I was one of them but in the afternoon it was a real struggle for me. I was a bit scared to get too close to the edge for fear that I'll be sucked out of road and fall straight to the ravine. Oh that would be one nasty rescue effort. Snow's blowing, I don't have my contacts and even if I had my glasses on with my goggles still it was tough for me because moisture crept unto my goggles that it blinded me.

Although I enjoyed it, I had to quit I told my husband I'll just wait for them at the locker room. I was a bit frustrated because I felt that the men want to ski the black diamonds but with me around I'l just ruin their enthusiam. You see I can only ski on the greens anytime I'l see a big mound or a mountain of snow I chickened out. Anyway, to my mind I've already perfected the art of falling down and getting back up. It has to be this way, roll on your belly facing the mountain, lift one foot with the ski pole get up on your knee and presto I'l be back on the train again lol! That made my knees sored that I had to stop.

After 45 mins of resting, my husband, Kelly, Steph and Kayla emerged from the door and they too felt so tired that they all decided to call it a day. We've skied all we wanted to that day anyway. But as we were changing clothes Steph noticed that her tennis shoes was missing and then Kelly's too. Yup we didn't get a locker we just put our stuff under the bench but we didn't realized that someone will steal used shoes. Both of them were Nike's and Kelly's shoes got a $200 theraphy sole inside. That's what made the young man mad. We stopped at the only store in the mountain got him and Steph's new boots. We drove back to our hotel had dinner, we all had fun recapping the day. The men laughed about how they spent the day picking me up lol!

Our second day, we got to Silver Creek again and took the bus to Snowshoe Ski Resort. The resort's pretty it has over 50 trains open that day. This is where all the fun begun. It's a beautiful day the sun's up it was a breeze compare the other day. We all dressed less took off our polypropelyne and ski with just two layers. My first disaster for the day I got into a ditch trying to stay as far away from the edge. My husband has been teaching me get out of it. Our company (Steph, Kelly, Kayla) were already at the bottom and one guy told them a girl (that's me) got into the ditch and his father's (my husband)cussing her out. They all laughed so hard.

Eventually, I got the hang of it I fell couple of times that day. But still I couldn't master making my S turn. One time at this steep slope I skied and went straight line to the bottom, my husband tried to catch me but he failed, Kelly ducked trying to reach me but I just went fast him got to the bottom in a heartbeat. Kelly asked me why I was in such a hurry. We all had a hearty laughed.

Another thing, once in the lift I tried taking some pictures of the train that one of my ski poles fell. My husband said he'll just pay them but Kelly had to retrive them in the middle of the knee deep snow. He's my hero!

The rest of the day we enjoy just cruising around on our skis. I think we covered most of the green and blue trains. I didn't tried the black diamonds it scared me to death. One time my husband and Kelly tried to convince me and Kayla to face our fears but still we declined and decided to just meet them at the middle. We took the blue train instead. And that's how I managed to make my S turn perfectly. Well my husband complemented me by saying I got a good balance all I need to do is practice making my ski turn. Just when I got the hang of it that's when they all decided to stop and head back to our hotel, it's getting dark anyway.

The men planned on going back to do some night skiing but since we're all whopped from the long hours we spent skiing they both decided to stay at the hotel and chill out. We slept long that night. We woke up before 9am from Kelly's call telling us to look at the window because it's going to be a long drive back home. After breakfast we all head back to Robbins. Sure enough, it was a long treacherous snowy drive home. We all had fun and the ski addicts that the men are they're now both planning a day trip to Winter Place for another ski trip this time without the women around. Goodluck to them lol!


~Mheldz said...

Wow, looks like a fun trip.
I've never been to any ski resort( my husband does) and it looks toosacry for me. I have big phobia with ice after a slid on a block ice and fell on my back really hard I thought I would never walk again. I laid on the snowy ground for a few minutes coz I couldn't move my body. It not only happened once but twice so every time I walk on snow my knees starts to shake.

Great photos and BTW congrats on your new job.

Malditang Pinay! said...

Salamat Mheldz, it's an easy thing the first few hours siguro you'll learn the basics tapos mostly the wind will pushed you forward kaya madali especially sa mga pinay na maliliit daw kasi tau at mas magaan. Also it has to do with your ski the first time I used the long ski this time I had a shorter one. Try it grabe super enjoy ka!