Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another driving experience!

I'm a working girl again. I started my new job two mondays ago. What a way to start, it was snowing although we only got an inch, it's super cold. It was really a big relief for me that my husband came home early to crank up my car, heat it up and see me off. I was thinking he was like a parent sending his kid to her first day of school.

It was really a big factor that he came home early on my first week of work to guide me through the uncooperative weather. I've experienced it all snow, rain, strong winds. The fact that I'm not an experience driver worries my husband so much. We've butted heads many times about my driving skills because he knows that I need to learn not just the basics but most importantly about safety. I'm really weak on backing up that's the main reason I failed my driving test the first time but up to now it's always been a problem for me. I would usually leave home early so that I'll have a leisurely drive at my backroad and get through the highway before the traffic gets heavy. At work I chose my parking spot far enough not to get too close to any other car. Also I stay some 15 mins more at work so that I'l have time to clear the parking lot by that time it's usually just my boss car and mine. Yey!

Also the usual problem of first time drivers running of gas has always been on my mind. One time last week I forgot to tell my husband that my gas tank is almost empty I only realized it when I got to work the next day and he's working that night. Since our schedules don't allow us to see each other I was afraid that I may run out of gas and get into big trouble out in the road all by myself. So that night after I got off from work I drove by the Harley Davidson shop and asked our friend Joe to help me gas up. Without hesitation, Joe followed me to the gas station and filled-up my gas tank.

To me a gas station is unfamiliar territory I wish it's like back home where you just drive to a gas station a gasoline boy will fill it up for you and even clean your windshiled no wonder the gas companies raking all the money. But on the second thought over here I have to be independent which is not always a good thing moments like this I wish that my husband it with me. Anyway, last sunday my husband for the nth time taught me the step by step process on gassing up on my own. Obviously it's not rocket science but the question is when I can do it on my own (probably by next month my timeline I gave myself) in the meantime I will be bothering some people to help me get through this phase lol!

It's been my second week of working I could tell that I'm gaining my driving experience day by day. Everyday you get to go through different situation that test your innate ability to survive the paved jungle of the urban road. I've learned the patience of keeping up with my speed limit even if others gets too close to my rear trying to get me to speed up but sorry folks it's not my cup of tea I maintain my allowed speed limit all the time. So on my morning drive, a school bus ahead of me is my best friend. Many drivers hate it and zigzag to pass through which is a big no no but I know it doesn't make me an idiot for following the rule.

One thing is clear though I don't like to drive I have no other choice so I might as well drive cautiously and safely.

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MsDopey said...

you should move to jersey we have full service, which is one of the reason I don't fill my tank in any other state because I AM CLUELESS. lol... I am glad you are having fun down there...