Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to our ski holiday!

It's 8:30 am eastern time and Im all agog going over our stuff for this trip. Still there's the usual last minute shopping that we need to do. My husband realized that instead of renting me a ski wear we'll just buy it since we always ski yearly (my husband sometimes does it two to three times a year. The only thing I need to rent is my ski pole and boots (it's so hard to find my size). So last saturday, we got a ski pants (wanted a bib but there's no one that fits me lol), couldn't find goggles and the polypropylene underwear in the sports store. Today, we'll swing by the military store to try find one for me.

I don't know just before I got my job I was really excited for this trip but now all I want to do is start work. Weird, I enjoy snow skiing in fact my first time experienced last year was a blast. Well, everyone has been telling me to chill out and enjoy the trip because once I started working vacation will be less. Whatever it is I am now more excited to work thank ski, I don't know I just want this thing to be done and over it.

So folks I'l see you all when we get back. Please pray for our safe trip. I'l keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

a ski trip, wow! so that's why you have a photo of ski poles for the photohunt. enjoy!

A Simple Life said...

Tama, mag enjoy ka na muna kase once you start working bihira na ang vacations.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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