Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogger Friends!

Juliana of Juliana's Lair has given me this cute blogger friend recognition. It was indeed a touching thing so thanks Juliana. The blogsphere is a fascinating world I never thought I can share friendship with my fellow bloggers. I proved myself wrong
I met alot of wonderful people so I'm sharing this to Weng of Asawakomahalko, Chelle of Myblog Mybilog, Ivan girl, Pretty life online, Jazevox, Liza in Manila. I appreciate your online friendship and thank you guys!


Story said...

Thanks malditang pinay hehhehee maldita jud hahhahahaa congratz my friend.

JAZEVOX said...

thanks MalditangPinay, truly appreciate this. ill grab this hopefully tomm. Jazevox :-)

jazevox said...

hi, me again, i already did this tag if you have the chance, please check it out in my page

MalditangPinay, please paki-update naman link/URL ko for my blog here in your blogroll, the new one is now Thanks in advance

Ivan Girl said...

hullo MP! thanks for this.

i will be posting this in my blog later. Appreciate it and thank you for your friendship din. =)