Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Things to be Thankful for the year 2007

As we usher to a new year, I would like to thank the Lord for all the wonderful blessings that I have received for 2007. Above all these blessings 10 things stand out for me this year.

1. After 7 yrs I am now settled for good with my husband, it was a long wonderful journey. I am blessed with the best husband in the world.
2. My family back home especially my heroes nanay and tatay. My inspirations are my nephews and nieces Pau, Anton, Ynno, Mico, Cj, Biboy, Karl, Klarisse. Also my siblings and cousins.
3. It has been a blessing that I have no trouble blending in with my husband's big family they all love me and I love them all too especially my mother-in-law, Aunt Bonnie, Kelly, Tabitha, Toby, Caleb, Colby and Colton.
4. My GCF church back in the Philippines who first nurtured my faith and relationship with the Lord then my Crossroad Baptist church here.
5. My HS friends, they are all the best we've been scattered all over the globe but the world wide web makes us feel like we're beside each other. Reggie in Fl, Amel in PA, Ester in CA, August & Nonah in Bahrain, Malou Jonel & Felix in Singapore, All of those left in Philippines Bobby, JayR, Zeny, Daisy, Momom, Eddie, Marivic. Also my college friends Roanne in Chicago and Pie in San Francisco (we'll definitely see each other this 2008).
Miss you all guys!
6. My Digitel family, it was an experienced of a lifetime working with them. I've learned alot and they're all good we are like one big happy family around 80 Accountants in the Comptrollership Division tho' people come and go the camaraderie add more fun to the endless closing, overtime, reports and "pasaway na boss". But I especially want to thank these people my Revenue Accounting family Ms Mariz, Nellie, Grace, Venus, Shawee, Mitch, Rayme, Connie, Marie, Sir Robert, Maam Malou, Thess, Leslie, Sean, Chris, Bogs, Brian, Gibs, Jane, Leslie, Mommy Fe they all want to be mentioned especially my badminton group I miss them so much...
7. My best best pals in Canada Jeima, Miss Lize, and Dred they are my support group and have been there with me through the bad times of my life. May we finally get to see each other this 2008.
8. Jackie and Joe Seago they're like my siblings, we take care of each other's back, Minda Ramos Quimson in LA she's a mentor, big sister, friend, confidant all rolled into one. I also want to acknowledge Malou and Steve Farnsworth in Mo, Love and Al Kaltenhauser in Wy, Irene and Oliv in France thank you all for the friendship!
9. The blog world it fascinates me no end plus I love reading other blogs especially filipino bloggers like Lord Manila Stone, Reyna Elena, YeloKity, Francesca in France, Senor Enrique, Bianca Gonzales, most of them don't even know I read them lol and alot more. Also I got to know alot of friends in the blogsphere beginning with Pretty life online, Liza in Manila, Ivan Girl, Weng of Pinay Life Abroad,Jazevox, Sarah, Lira, Raquel, Darlene, Chelle, Rowena in Manila they're all a friend to me... Continue Blogging everyone!
10.Last but definitely not the least my dogs they make me so happy, Oscar and Fred their cousins Noodles, Blue and Dixie. Also our horses, Shadow and Lil Joe they're all my companion most times that I'm alone and some "boring no one to talk to day".

So Thank you 2007 and here's to prosperous and blessed happy new year to everyone!


Anonymous said...

a happy new year to you and your family and thanks for visiting my site.

your post gave me an idea. I've been bitten by the "mental block virus' and have been looking for something to post lately. I realized I have so many things to be thankful for as well.

A Simple Life said...

Happy New Year! You know, I'm really glad that I've met good people like you in the blogging world. I never thought I'd be hooked in blogging, lol.

off topic: I have a tag for you and its up in my other blog http://mlizcochico.com

leslie said...

thanks din ms. glendz 2 times mo pa talaga nisulat yung name ko.. im so happy hehehe...More blessings and more givings this 2008!

Pretty Life Online said...

got the time to read your blog girl... hahahaha

Wow! I am touched and so happy that you like reading my blog....

fence said...

hi, I'm surprised that you have a post like this one. :) I actually started a tag just like this in my blog (http://fencesitter.i.ph/blogs/fencesitter/2007/12/04/10-things-to-be-thankful-about-in-2007/). Not sure if somebody tagged you as well. Anyway, this is very refreshing. Keep on blogging!