Monday, December 31, 2007


It's been over a week since I caught this cold. It's irritating because I get to stop doing the things that I used to do like going outside doing my walk or visiting my friends. I thought I was tough but two days before Christmas I remember my husband telling me to go outside the house dress for the weather meaning I shouldn't be going out with my flip lops and shirt.

It started when we clean the yard, blew the leaves and burned them. That whole afternoon till the early evening was spent clearing out our yard. Then the next day my voice started to get hoarse and by christmas time I couldn't talk. I was complaning to my husband that I couldn't loose my voice on Christmas day because there's gonna be a "karaoke" at this filipino party that we've been invited to. That's a worst feeling, doing the things you love best and yet you can't do it. Also, can you imagine dreading the phone calls because it's I can't talk. I've never been this sick with cold than this time.

I hate it, actually for the last two days I felt alot better but then I ventured outside this morning to go to the grocery and when I got home it all started back again. I cough incessantly and I felt like a useless crap. I hope before the year ends in 4 hrs tonight I could leave this cough and toss all my cough medicine with the old year. I hope to start the year with a clean slate of health..... Happy New Year everyone!


Pretty Life Online said...

... hope you'll get well soon.... Happy New year!

Pretty Life Online said...
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Heart of Rachel said...

Came here from WS. Hope you're feeling much better now. Have a great 2008.