Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My First Christmas!

Generally I noticed that filipinos and americans celebrate christmas the same way. Big family dinner on the 24th or what we call noche buena back home but what's evident tho' is the overflowing of food at my mother-in-law's table. It was just too much, I've never seen so many food in my life than this christmas. I think I've gained 10 lbs in one night.

Also, I noticed that in my husband's family it's all about the kids and what they want. It's the same back home Christmas is for kids. I remember Colton asking her mama to bake cookies for Santa and to prepare an apple and carrot for Prancer I don't know why he specifically want to feed that raindeer. Haley even told me she got a letter from Santa and it's so funny how the kids get to talk about it. They're eyes all lit up with excitement. I just love stories about kids and Santa I hope some people won't spoil the "magic" behind Santa and let the memories lingers until kids are old enough to discover the truth about it. Isn't it Santa and the kids story fascinating?

And to think that children here are alot luckier yet they do not appreciate what they got. I overheard one kid yesterday who said "is this the only thing Santa gave me" and it was a WII. My heart sank the kids have no idea of what they got I think the kids back home are alot appreciative and happy for anything that is given to them. I remember my nephews and nieces don't ask for anything if you give them a simple toy they'll think that they got everything.

Back to my first Christmas, my husband had a Christmas breakfast with his kids and their families. We had biscuits, ham, tenderloin, sausage, bacon, coffee, orange juice, bread, name it we got it. It was a happy reunion though we always see each other almost everyday it was a different happy occasion.

Christmas evening we went to our filipino-american party and as usual there are alot of food and my favorite "lechon" (roasted pig). At the party as we're eating we got to be seated beside this annoying older filipina lady who keeps talking about herself, her family her wealth. One time she talked about how she spent $20k when she went back to the philippines last year for three weeks. She was also talking about the house that she's buying for $500k I tired to pay her no attention but as she talk about something her voice gets louder. She didn't notice that we're all having a good time eating while she talks incessantly about herself. This filipino Dr. sometimes acknowledge her while the rest of us ate with gusto. We left the party early and while driving home my husband talked about that old lady and we both wonder how she got all the money she's talking about she doesn't seems to have all the money from her look (my bad) hehehehe

Now that Christmas is over my first white christmas has not materialized, it was cold and I was sick at least my fist Christmas experienced is beyond christmas presents I was happy but it could be happier with my family back home. Belated Christmas greetings everyone!


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