Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get to know my new baby!

For the longest time I have been asking my husband to get us a house dog. As always he said no you already have Oscar and Fred (my beagles). One day we stumbled upon this new pet shop in town and I told him I'm so ready to buy me a Shih Tzu. Again he said no way because it's a lot of responsibility, the doo-doo on the floor plus it gives the house that stinky smell, and the most important reason he said is a house dog will be a burden if we decide to go somewhere. Lord knows how many times I tried to convince him to get me a puppy it's always a big NO.

One day this week Nov. 18 to be exact when I got home my husband surprised me with a 3 mos old Shih Tzu. So after almost two years of dreaming for a puppy I finally got a new baby! He's all that I want and all that I need. So say hello to my newest bundle of joy Barney!

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