Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tornado Warning!

I heard the news that it's gonna be a wet day yesterday. Off I went to work. By 4pm I peeped through my office window and I noticed that it was raining hard. So by 5pm, as I got out of the parking lot drove down the main road I noticed that conspicuously there were fewer cars on the road considering it was past 5pm. It was weird. I was listening to my cd when I decided to turn my radio on.

I tried changing channel suddenly when I heard the beep sound on my radio and someone said "tornado alert" and the next thing I heard were the words "if you're driving take cover" at the lowest floor of the building, stay out of the road until the weather gets calmer or words to that effect.

Suddenly I panicked because it finally hits me. That's the reason there were fewer cars out on the road. The heavy rain's taking it's toll on me. I was scared, I was half-way home, I needed my husband. I passed by the Harley shop where I was thinking I could stop until the weather gets better. I couldn't go back because it's going to be hard for me though cars are fewer I was thinking at the rate how the rain and the wind is going there's no way I could turn back.

My knees were shaking, my mind was racing with so many thoughts and I was telling myself to stay calm and drive it through. I sure glad I did because in a matter of 5 mins the weather suddenly changed. Close to home it was just drizzling. I drove to town and parked on the side of the road and called my husband he too was worried about me.

Well that tornado warning was real but I guess I panicked first before knowing that it was on another county an hr away from us. Still the heavy downpour continued through the night and this morning the weather was so nice. The only reminder of the bad storm was the fallen trees and leaves that've scattered all over the road. The sun was out and shining, calm after the storm. Like my co-workers have always reminded me NC weather is so unpredictable that eventually I will get used to it with tornado or no tornado.



That was pretty scary, huh. I myself would freak out knowing of a threatening tornado while driving in the middle of the road with all the mentioned circumstances. Glad to know you went home safely...^^

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