Friday, March 7, 2008

This time it's Security Warning!

I got to work early this morning. I am always trying to beat Linda who's always early all the days that I've been working at the office. She's one of the nicest ladies at work she, Lori and I had really bonded alot. We enjoy working together, lunch out together, or take a 15 mins walk before we take our lunch break, we all come to work early for coffee and a little chitchat.

I remember goofy Linda said yasterday that she's gonna be late today for a Dr's appointment. Since I'm a little early this morning and I had the parking lot all to myself I decided to drink my coffee in the car before heading upstairs. It was raining and it felt good that I'm gonna be alone for awhile before my co-workers would start coming in.

I had my own set of keys my boss gave me before she went on her two weeks vacation which started today. I opened the main door and head straight to my cubicle after 3 mins I heard a siren which is not unsually because our building is situated in front of the big hospital in Pinehurst. Next thing I knew Robbie another co-worker was talking with someone at the lounge area. As I was going to see what's going suddenly there stood a tall cop in front of me.

So to make the long story short when I switched on my key I was supposed to deactivate our security code which I didn't do because no one told me so. Apparently once the door opened and the the security code is not punch in it automatically alerts the police dept and a mobile will be dispatched to investigate. It's so funny Robbie was telling the cops I was the culprit. I told the them I didn't know the code and no one told me about security alert when I got the key. They all laughed, they taught me how to deactivate the alarm once you opened the door. Hmmm I love it! I learn something new everyday even if it involves cops. I even offered them coffee before they left.

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lira said...

papupuntahin ko asawa ko...pulis sya..hehe