Saturday, April 5, 2008

1st Year Anniversary!

Today is our 1st yr wedding anniversary. Been here over a yr, things are getting better each day. The first six months was a big adjustment between doing our paperwork for AOS, waiting for my greencard, SSS, blending in with my husband's family, learning how to drive and finding work.I tell you it ain't easy we both learn new things about each other everyday.

But I remember we only had one big spat in this one yr that was when he didn't bring to me my interview in the city an hr away fr our place and I slept on the other bedroom because I was so pissed at him lol! And aside from our little "sparring" when he was teaching me to drive it paid off so it was all part of the learning process.

Now I'm beginning to enjoy the good life America offers to each immigrant. I have now a good job. Life has been so good. We're still not rich but at least we are very much happy, content, most of all we're very much in love.



Ely said...

wow...Congrats! Now living the American dream.

Anonymous said...

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juliana said...

my best wishes on your first year together. a milestone sis. first year is a tough one with all the adjustments. TC!

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lira said...

congrats and more years of togetherness...

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

soreal said...

it's late but happy congratulations!