Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've really been so busy these days I hope all of you my blogging friends forgive me for not writing much lately. There's just so many things we're stucked to at the moment that finding time to blog is like we need more than 24 hrs a day.

I'm just too preoccupied with so many things like our spring project this year doing my yardwork and next in line would be our indoor project which is putting down hardwood floors. It's one big job that we don't know how long it will take me and my husband to finish. Definitely we don't have the budget to hire someone to do the job for us it's just our sweat equity that's needed. That means our time is so tight given the timetable do it before the cold weather kicks in again.

Having said so I apologize to all of you for not visiting your sites often or adding some of you who have already added me. Please bear with me and if I find time between work, out-of-town trips, home improvement projects I'll return the favor. Thank yawl (southern twang) for understanding!


Prily said...

Hi,dear you don't have to apoligize, i 've guess we've gotta do what we wanna do.hehehe!we understand there are many important endeavors that you are involved right now and they're more important than blogging.just know that we're just here in the blogosphere and that we keep linking with you.Thanks for the efforts of visiting us even how busy you are!Take care and goodluck to all your future plans!

lira said...

walang patawad-tawad...hehhe..oks lng yun.

Ely said...

hope to hear from you again soon... Cheers!

Snap Catch said...

hmmm! hope to see you around soon!!!