Monday, November 19, 2007

Went to Tennessee and left my cam!

I was out of blogworld for two days. Went on a road trip to Tennesse to pick-up the car that our friend Joe bought for his wife Jacque. It was an 8hr trip. We left saturday afternoon got to Lebanon, Tenesse around midnight stay in a hotel hit the road again the next morning for a 30 mins drive to suburban Smyrna Tennessee 10 mins outside of Nashville. Got Jacque's car and then we proceeded to Nashville (the home of country music).

We had Arby's breakfast on the way to Nashville then hit the road again, miss the exit to Grand Opry House drive another mile to the nearest exit. I love downtown Nashville and since we've talked about going to the famous Grand Opry and do a little sightseeing. Unfortunately we hit a snag, the road leading to Grand Opry was being repair we got lost in a dead-end. We turned back and my husband decided to hit I-40 and head back home.

I got so annoyed. I was quiet for about 100 miles out on the interstate. When we stopped to gas up he told Joe (who's tailing us on Jacque's new car) that I was pouting and barely talked to him because we didn't get to go around Nashville. Well, I finally decided to start talking to him when we get back to the car. My irratation to my husband was coupled with the camera that I left in the house. How can I forget my camera when it is my bestfriend.

Anyhow, it was a perfect ride the view's beautiful. Then the ever brat that I am told my husband that our dinner should be in "Hooters" or else I will not talk to him again for the rest of the trip back home. Two hours later I changed my mind because my husband told me I it's not a good time to eat hot wings or shrimp, he said the moment is not perfect for that. I don't know how he convinced me to have Olive Garden instead of Hooters when I've already set my heart to Hooters I guess it's the woman in me I get swayed easily by my husband suddenly I was a turncoat. Dinner was great I was recharged. Got home late, crushed and burn.

This morning when I woke-up I was a little bit upset that I forgot to bring my cam (couldn't get over it)and take pictures of our journey. I'll just have Nashville etched forever in my mind picture or no picture.

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