Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Politics, Prejudiced or Plain Ignorance!

I've been trying to find work for the last four months after I got my greencard. Going through the whole immigration process is crazy enough but what's more stressful I realized is finding a job and proving your worth around here.

At the beginning, my husband and I were confident that with my big city credentials and work experience it will be easy for me to find job around here. We're thinking that the community college or the country would be an ideal work for me since it is alot nearer for me than the city which requires an hour or more of driving.

Two weeks ago I got my fifth rejection letter from the community college. When I saw the envelope from the community college I knew it's going to be the "thank you for applying letter". Right then and there my tears just rolled down. I immediately called Jacque (my filipina friend) cried my heart out we ended up crying together.

What made me cry? It was out of frustration because the position is for Accountant and the requirement and the skills they need perfectly match mine even though they only need someone with an Associate Degree. What made it worst is that we heard from the grapevine the one hired was previously a co-worker of the boss. Of course we have a "mole" inside. The college website gave emphasis on equal opportunity employment so when I applied I was banking on that premise. It was an over-statement.

I had the same experience with the county too. I applied one time for Tax Assessor but since I have no experience here my application process stopped at the first level and wasn't able to get to the next step. A lady at the gym once told me that the county plays politics, she said by the time they call you for an interview they already have someone in mind for that certain position and everything is just plain "procedure". That is my problem around here. How can I compete with people who has all the right connections? Or how to win my prospective employer their trust that I can do the job. Trouble is they don't even know where the Philippines is. Now, I believe even educated Americans need lessons on geography.

Last week, my husband and I sent another application at the county this time the HR lady advised me to be patient and just keep sending resumes. She also articulated that they usually hire someone whose presently working even if it's just small jobs but not labor intensive fastfood thing. I wanted to refute her at the same moment but I restraint myself for fear that she might throw my resume on the bin. I have not mentioned it to my husband but my hunch is I'm doomed and I'll never get a call again. She's just tacky. I felt she's prejudiced and doesn't value hard work. I don't know.

I've also learned from visa (my support group) that first time immigrants will always have a hard time jump starting their careers. It takes time to be assimmilated into the whole immigration process and live like everyone else. I should also accept the fact that I am not alone in my predicament, countless others are on the same boat like me.

My job hunting experiences should be a poignant reminder to myself that as an immigrants I am like an extra-ordinary fish swimming in the shark infested ocean, it will be always tough to stay a float. I know that corporate world is a dog eat dog domain but I never knew that the state or government world is far worst.

Anyway I think the Lord has other plans for me, all I need is to trust him to lead me to the best job for me. As always I just need to sit still while he works magically on something thas is best for me no matter how elusive it may looks to me.


Pinoy Life said...

Hi glen nabasa ko ang problema mo don't worry makakahanap ka din jan wait lang...kc overqualified ka kc hehee kaya takot tuloy sila o di ba..i'll pray for u always.


hi glenz, i am saddened to hear about your experience there looking for a job, i pity those americans who don't even know where the philippines is, don't dwell too much on self-pitying, it wasn't your fault, i know God has a better plan for you...good luck and take care as always, btw, i love the way your pour out your emotions through your writing, it's always nice reading your blog^^

Malditang Pinay! said...

thanks lord but your blog is a lot better than mine you write sooo well, i love reading your blog too. it's been my everyday habit checking your new write-up. congrats! you are soo good!

Sarah said...

just have patience, soon enough you'll find the right job.