Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Harley ride again!

The weather has been warm today compare to the cold blast it had the last two weeks. I've been unable to do my routine because of the "friggin" (oooops excuse me for my language) cold the south has been experiencing lately. This sudden change in the weather is a welcome relief. My husband decided to fire up the Harley to get some some good ride. With a light fleece jacket on hand off we go.

As soon as we got into to the main road oh "yeah" the loud Harleys are once again taking over the roads. It was a beautiful day, the temp was only around 70's time to squeeze in a good Harley ride no wonder everyone is out riding. We had a blast riding around town, to the Harley shop. What a breeze a single day of good weather could bring to Harley lovers like us, wish most days would be like this.

I snapped some pictures for all of you. The frost we had last week, the changing of the trees, our front yard this rainy morning, our roads, etc.

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