Monday, January 19, 2009

Freak Accident

We had our annual ski holiday last weekend at Snowshoe Ski Mountain in West Virginia. We all had a blast. We left thursday and ski all day friday and saturday so it was really worth all the time. We ski on -16F last friday it was so cold but I guess if you're prepared and properly dress you'll still enjoy it. Saturday the resort was slammed full. I ran over by a snowboarder twice but still we all had a great time.

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel early and head home. As we made our journey back home obviously it's a mountain so up and down the icy curb we went. Ten miles down the road on a downward hill my husband calmly said the break is not working while he tried to press the break. I saw him float through the road just controlling the steering wheel and we're only running approximately 10 miles an hr. and the car just accelerated. Being the experience driver that he is, he steered the car on the side of the road and we ended up in a ditch.

We're both good, no scratch no nothing but our car was wrecked. The rescue squad came then we waited for the police officer for the accident report.

It was a scary experience for me nonetheless we are both grateful that nothing bad happened. Oh let me tell ya, the people of West Viriginia are so nice everyone stopped and try to help us. We're so thankful for that one too.

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Mahalia said...

aww, i'm sorry to hear about this. Hirap talagang mag-drive sa ice ano? Ingat ka palagi, sis.