Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another football night

Tonight is Panthers night. In this side of the planet where I am, when Panthers have a game we set aside everythign else to watch our hometown guys.

My husband is working so that makes Barney and me alone together watching football. My neighbors Tabitha, Toby and their boys are all ready for this event. My co-worker has also invited me to watch it with them but I'm not gonna drive 30 miles just to watch football it's just insane lol!. Another, Kevin won this weeks Permanent Seat License ticket our office got, which I was hoping to win. With 10 pre-season PSL tickets , Kevin our IT Mngr won a whopping 5 tickets while Linda got 3 and I got 2. For Post- regular season, can you believe that Kevin got the tickets for tonights game. That sucks!
I want that ticket so bad, here I am watching football with Barney while munching popcorn.
My adrenalin is pumping it's 2nd Quarter and we're still stuck at 7 points. Barney's enjoying the game too. He's just sitting beside me all this time glued to the tv. I hope the Cardinals will not kick our hometown boys to the curb. Back to the game will post again later.
It's a big disappointment tonight. After so many interceptions and turnovers the result was a big dismay. We got smoldered by the Cardinals. I heard our neighbors were all pouting like me. It's not a good sign come Monday morning at the office it will be an endless piece of conversation. I can't wait. Grrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrr!

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