Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barney's First Salon Trip

I called my husband around 10:30 this morning to check on Barney. He said he dropped him off at the dog salon and will be back later to get him. Oh my goodness! my baby is at a "dog salon".

My husband said since the shop was busy Barney stayed there from 10:30am to 5:30pm. It was a long time so I wondered if our "little man" had wrecked havoc on the salon.

When I got to the gym I saw my husband's truck at the parking lot and by the time I got close to the door Barney jumped up the window wanting me to pick him up. He recognized his mama easily. I took him out, gosh was very pleased by what the salon did to his hair. For $30 charge Barney got a massage, shampoo, hair cut and toenail trimming plus a little fellowship with other dogs including little dog treat.

My husband said that the shop owner told him that Barney had a fit. When the electric razor first sounded that was the beginning, he didn't get his hair cut without a big fight. They spent about 30 mins just to trim his hair on his head. They've tried all the tricks in the books but it all failed. My husband said the ladies told him that Barney gave them "hell". They said he's the new "Marley".

Though I was a bit disappointed with Barney's behaviour at the salon, I should give credit to the ladies for a wonderful job and most especially for treating him like royalty.


reyna elena said...

ay yan ba si husbandry? sushi ba aso mo? i mean shi tzu? hahaha

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