Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dog Day Care

We are off to West Virginia for our annual family ski vacation. For two weeks we're debating between finding a day care for Barney or leave him with my husband's daughter while we are away on trip. Since we don't want to bother anyone, we tried to find a dog day care for four days that we are away.

The most ideal was the new pet shop where he had his "spa day" last week because we know the owners plus the fact that they are really good with dogs. Unfortunately, this week they cannot accommodate Barney.

So our last resort was to call Tabitha, she immediately said "yes" so problem solve. It's very difficult to be away with Barney, we did that when we went to San Francisco last Thanksgiving I was miserable because I miss him so bad. But we know that this things are bound to happen plus he's with a good family that treat him like they way we do and more he actually get to sleep with Tabitha and Toby's bed at night which made Dixie (their boston terrier pet) consumed with jealosy lol!

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