Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Barney and Me

After watching the movie Marley & Me last Saturday I couldn't stop thinking how we can record Barney's life as he shares it with us.

Barney was born on Aug. 17, 2008. My husband visited this newly opened pet shop in town to check, actually jsut to nose around. He wanted to surprise me with a Shih Tzu for my birthday because for so long that's what I really wish for. He said there were two pups then, a Shih Tzu and a Daschund. Barney was in a cage and looked pitiful. When he asked the lady to let him out, he said Barney was all over him, jumping, rolling over and around making a show. It was love at first sight, he bought him and took him home. That was Nov. 18 when he was three mos old.

Viola! We have a new young 'un (we're from the south folks!). He has begun to change our lives in so many beautiful ways . This is the beginning of Barney's chronicles.


Anonymous said...

Like Harleys? You'll love this!

maicher said...

You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
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Liza said...

Yeehah! Finally! hehe. ang cute grabe. oo naman kilala pa kita, busy lang din talaga kaya di nakakadalaw. musta na?

i hope you're doing well.

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