Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome to our new 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide

After a month of waiting our new Harley is finally home. Last friday, my husband and I went down to the Harley shop to check on his new babe. True enough, it is already there and ready for take off. It is so pretty in all it's red candy sunglow color. It was even made perfect by the white tire and the new chrome fork my husband ordered to replace the original ones that comes with the bike.
That Harley shop at Sandhills is really a superb place. Darrall (the son's owner) treated my husband like royalty. The most important thing is he gave him a good deal with the bike and I will not go into specifics lest he gets busted by his Dad (hehehehe). He even gave me a free Harley shirt to go with the bike (way to go!).
We drove it around the area and when we got back to the shop my ever meticulous husband said he heard some rumbling on his front tire. He told Darrall about it and he said he'll have someone to check it. We headed home since it was past 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon and my husband will be working that night. He called his son Kelly to pick up the Harley and bring it home.
Lo and behold, it got home the same day. My husband woke up early the next day. I could see the excitement on his face especially when he asked me to ride with him in town. I begged off. I actually want to give him time to bond with his new babe. Show it off to his friends and fellow Harley enthusiasts.
The next day which is a sunday, after our usual lunch and a little talked with her mom we drove the Harley around. It was a sweet ride. I can't complain I told my husband I felt like I was riding a car (meaning it's so comfy). Also, it was a real head turner. I saw this guy who rolled down his car window to look at the Harley. When we parked it at the ice cream shop I've seen people started to mill around her and talk about her. Someone even manage to ride and I overheard someone say it's hooooooot.
Oh no, our new Harley is generating a little buzz. I don't like all the attention but I'll have to learn to deal with it. I just want to enjoy the ride and be oblivious to the crowd, so cheers to our new 2008 Harley Davidson Road glide!


John said...

Just dropping in to show some love to you guys! That's a sharp looking bike...I take it that there are many miles of riding together in the future, huh?

I am glad to see things going well for you guys!!


lira said...

pwede maki-sakay? hehe..clicked to cbox mo pero ayaw magpop-put.

leslie said...

It's so hot talaga! I haven't seen that model sa showroom ng company namin dito. Ganda!

Pinoy Life said...

wow very nice

Anonymous said...

Very nice '08 RG! We just traded our '08 Ultra in for an '08 RG Vivid Black with Red accents. A fantastic ride! Read more about it at our blog Keep riding and be safe! - Phil WI

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