Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trip to the North Carolina Mountains!

My husband and I together with the another filipino couple (Joe and Jacque) decided to embarked on a day trip to the mountains. It was just on a whim. I called Jacque to tell her about our trip and if they have nothing to do on that day they can join us. Jacque said she'll call her husband and after a while they said they both wanted to go with us.

Two weeks ago, my husband has already planned on taking me to the Apple festival at N. Wilkesboro, two hrs drive from our place. We decided to cancel it and instead have a long drive to the famous NC mountains. Last sunday at 7:30am, the "Pinehurst" wanderers (that's what I named our group in honor or our famous golf course in our county) off we went to the mountain in one car to save gas. We only stopped at Hardees at Seagrove for breakfast and gas refill and anoter restroom break close to to Asheville.

We got to Asheville around 11:00 am from then on it was a long and beautiful trip. At this time of the year, mountain is simply breathtaking. There are so many overlook where you could stop to check out the view of the mountain from certain vantage point. There were overlook that are teeming with tourist thus finding a good parking spot is like looking for a needle in a haystock (a little exaggeration but it's true). On these cases, you'll just have to drive on and get to another overlook. The long Blueridge Parkway drive was a learning experienced. I especially love the tunnels and via duct it's an engineering marvel. My husband said the mountain stretches from Virginia, Tenessee, NC, SC and Georgia.

I enjoyed watching other tourist on their top-down cars or some motorcycle enthusiasts in pair enjoying the ride. My husband said next year we'll make another trip to the other side of the mountains on our Harley (he did it many times before). It was almost five hours of driving coupled with sightseeing when we suddenly realized we have not eaten a complete meal. It was made worst by those people we see stopping on the side of the road having a picnic or sitting comfortable on their picnic chair eating. The other filipino couple that were with us (Joe and Jacque or J&J) were also mesmerized by the scenery that we all forgot about food. My husband has picked on Jacque and me for not preparing something to eat along the way. We only have birds junk (nuts) that at least helped us last that long. Another dilemma that we encountered was we almost ran out of gas after over 200 miles of driving. I began to panic especially when I saw the red low fuel light while my husband was cool, calm and collected. We missed the turn going to Boone because we had a good time laughing, story telling and watching the mountain views.

After 15 mins of driving and no Boone sign in sight that's when we decided to take out the "gps" and that "sucker" took us right to the nearest gas station in the middle of nowhere. We filled up the gas and another hour and half it took as to the door of Dan'l Boone Restaurant. Before we got inside, we queued for about 20 mins because the restaurant was packed to the brim and waited for another 5 mins to find us a table for 4. It was worth the wait because the food was soooooo good, homecooked style and we all pig-out. Boone is a beautiful, quaint little town in the mountains and since it was already 9pm when we got out of the restaurant we all decided to head back home. Got home past 11, it's worth the long drive I had a great time I hope J & J too.

If anyone is interested to see the mountains (which I recommend) please check this website Goodnight, I'm signing off!


Pinoy Life said...

Wow very nice view i guess someday i will visit my friend shen there hehehhee ohhh I love the scenery and the mountains...wish i can fly hahhhaa

Malditang Pinay! said...

go with ur husband weng, sayang it's like less than 3 hrs away fr here... go there at this time of the year it's more than beautiful!

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