Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas in October!

Yesterday, when my husband and I got home around 6:00pm I saw a big package on the porch. It was already opened so I was thinking the mailman has probably checked what's inside of it but after much investigation my ever snoopy dog "Oscar" tore-off the first box. Well it was raining the whole day and Mr. Mailman probably thought it would be safe to leave it in the porch without knowing how "smart my puppies are" good thing is they didn't tear it up to pieces or else a big "war" is in the offing in our quiet house and their "Dada" can't take up the cudgels for them. Their asses will be whoopped, fortunately for them my box is still in one piece.

Anyway, I got so excited you know it doesn't take much to stir my interest up I knew something good is inside the box. It was a big box and inside is another box wrapped in yellow gift wrap and lace. It's sweet. I went to check it, it was on my name but the sender said it came from Macy's Chicago. I knew it came from Roanne (my college buddy) because she's the only one I know from Chicago plus she works at Macy's. True enough, inside was a Ralph Lauren beddings complete set comforter, pillow cases, shams, flat and fitted sheets the only thing it doesn't have is a skirt. Inside I got the note, "Best wishes" love Roanne and Manny, Oh it's a wedding presents but we got married last April. I already put it up last night and it's pretty, I love it.

Yey I'm happy and it didn't end there. This morning, apparently there was another box and this time it was inside my car since it's still raining Mr. Mailman probably put it there rather than the porch (he learned fast) so Oscar wasn't able to mess with Mama's christmas presents (Mr. Mailman outsmart my pups this time hehehehe). My box has a complete set of Lord and Taylor make-up kit, Dior j'adore eau de perfum, frango dark chocolate with Teddy Bear (for my niece Pau-pau), another Lord and Taylor accessories (necklace & earrings). With that I got my early Christmas presents in October. Thank you so much Roanne, I'l wait for my Nine West boots (size 6) and my hobo bag in December hehehe. I'm so grateful I love it all!
Btw, I'm still waiting for our wedding rings, my friends at Bahrain promised to get us one I hope they're reading this hihihihi. I think at the rate things are going it's about time to tell "Dada" we need to buy our own, they have stopped talking to me. It's alright they're still my friends but this time if I get rich di ko sila pauutangin ehehehehe!

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Pinoy Life said...

Wow very nice bedsheet & bedcover i wish me too somebody will send me like that hahhahahaa wishing wishing hahhaa i like that yap exactly like that...Ohh no i can't buy co'z no more like that hehehhee just kidding