Monday, October 22, 2007

Colby, Colton and the big wide world!

  • It was my second day at home when my husband's grandsons came to the house for a visit. Colby and Colton, age 9 and 6 usually come to the house to just stay and talk to their grandpop. Well since it was a friday and they have no school the next day I told my husband to call their mom so they can stay in the house and sleep over that night. Tabitha said yes and the next thing I knew the boys were camping in the house.

  • These boys doesn't know me from Adam. It was our first meeting and when my husband introduced us to each other the boys started firing me with barrage of questions. How did you get here? You're from where? It was funny how Colton questioned me about my age by asking me "How many are you?" instead of "How old are you?" All those kids stuff that you have to carefully explain to them and in my most teacherly fashion I told them that I'm filipina and that's what you called people from my country which is the Philippines. I thought I explained myself to them real good.

  • Then came a surprised, Colton's curiuosity didn't stop there, he took my husband aside and asked him point blank "ny pop are you marrying a mexican" my husband was caught off-guard and laughed about it. He told him that I'm not Mexican, I'm filipino. I actually show them the Philippines in a map and Colton still quizzed me about my riding a big jet and he enthusiastically told me he wish he could ride a big airplane someday. Such a big wish for a small innocent boy.

  • The next weekend that they stay with me for the night they brought a checkered board that we could play. I prepared them fried chicken and pizza. Colton said I made the best friend chicken in world and he said it with all seriousness. That's a nice compliment but I didn't tell him that we bought the chicken at the grocery, baked it, and presto it's friend chicken. We played checkered board and Colton in his usual 6 yr old would not even win with me but I have to let him win some and I keep telling him that I couldn't let him beat me all the time because it will hurt my "ego". He loves it, I think in his little mind he's happy that he gets to win over someone much older than him. We bonded quickly.

  • After that they always stay with me on weekends. We would take them to the movies, to the pizza parlor, to Wal-mart or to just about any activity that suits kids. They stay with me most time last summer since I'm not working. My husband said I have the patience of Job with kids. Well to begin with, I love kids and my main reason why I let them stay with me some weekends that my husband is at work is the fact that it's hard to be alone most times. To me it matters a whole lot that I get to talk to someone even if it is just a kid rather than being alone with no one to talk to. You get to laugh, do something silly, run, play or have a conversation and learn from them. These are two active boys. Colby who's older is hyper active while Colton the baby is very laid back. Both boys have a broad sphere of interests ranging from toys to balls to machines. Colby knows all about country singers and songs. One time I saw him watching country videos and singing the songs of Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, or Tim Mc Graw while Colton's interest is football but both of them love baseball. Most especially Colton's love the "hooters" chicken wings I don't know if that is really the case.

  • There were so may incidents that I learned so many things from them it doesn't matter how mundane it could be . They are wide open being country boys, they play outside and get dirtied. What I especially like about them is the closeness and the love they both have for each other. I've never seen them apart and they always look after one another. I remember what Tabitha said when Colton broke his arm from the trampulin last spring. When Colton fell and started crying because of the pain Colby was comforting his little brother stroking him gentle saying Colton it's gonna be alright, edging him we're here for you. I also, remember when I ran over my puppy and cried they both came to me, reassuringly said stop crying Glenda we love you with a big hugged and I cried more. But sometimes they'll pick on me and tell me you ran over and killed your dog, well they're kids.

  • Another unforgetable story happened two weeks ago in the car while going to Asheboro for the fall festival. Colby suddenly burst out saying "Glenda, I found you a job. It got the same people like you and speaks like you. They have Mexicans, Japanese, and all other people over there. It's called Tokyo Express, yeah we went there". My husband and I laughed so hard. I told him thank you for the referral Colby I'l check on that. Most times when I'm alone and I remember his words it never ceased me from grinning.

  • We know sometime soon they will have a life of their own and paint their own world in thier own hues. They will grow up, will have different interests, more freedom, develop friendship with some local boys, and the visit will be less (sad). But in the meantime we want them to be kids, enjoy life as it is. My only wish is for them not to grow too fast so we could still enjoy them as they make that transition from being mere boys to men. We know they will make it good later on in life because they both have a good head above their shoulders and good family support. Our only concern is that it's a big world and everyone's vulnerable to just about anything but one thing is constant we will always be there to support protect and see them through. That's Colby and Colton our little rascals.

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