Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Rotten Philippine Politics!

For the last two days I've been itching myself to write something about the state of Philippine politics but everytime I start to write my highblood pressure shuts up that I end up writing nothing. Three days later here I am wanting a piece of my mind about it. The news that former corrupt President Estrada (guilty by the Sandigambayan) was given presidential pardon by the Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or GMA was to me a plain mockery of the Philippine judicial system.

  • It is sickening, the thought that anyone who plundered the wealth of the nation that left the masses poor is given clemency for the sake of unity, gimmeeee a break! Actually a year before I left the Philippines I have already stopped subscribing to the Philippine Daily Inquirer (the major broadsheet back home) because it's the same news I think I was already loosing hope that I will ever see Philippines politics change for the better, I'm resigned to the fact that it will not happen in my lifetime. I lost hope for the youth that I thought would be the factor in installing major changes. I've seen it all, two bloodless revolution been there, done that and still nothing. I was talking to another filipina about ERAP pardon and she just said "good thing we are no longer in the country, Glenda Philippine politics sucks". Like it was a consolation, I don't know I think I will have to agree with her.
  • I remember a conversation with a fellow churchmate when I was still back home. She said the problem with the filipinos is that we don't submit to authorities and yes we need to submit to authorities but what if the authorities is the one who have their own vested interest above the people, are we just going to sit down and watch. Also, I remember the early 2000's when GMA just started her office from ousting Estrada and her corruption cleansing is a laudible idea and it was a hit that time. Everyone's email has been flooded by the pictures of people in government living an affluent life despite working for Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) or the Bureau of Customs (BOC) that doesn't pay much. It's big-time corruption, I wonder if they ever got persecuted or they case has died of natural death like the many cases involving the rich.
  • My feeling for Philippines politics was worsened when my husband and I watched this story about the rescue of Gracia Burnham. I lost track of the title something about Jihad and it was in History channel, meaning it was seen all over the world. It was embarassing, the in-fighting in the military, how they bangled the rescue operation in the name of "credit", how the army took part of the ransom money, and how the military plan killed two hostages Martin Burnham and Edibora Yap from friendly fire. The military's experience was evidently poor probably because the training money was pocketed by the officials thus putting the lives of the soldiers on the line. It was a shame, my husband being a law enforcement officer was telling me how funny it was, imagine that. Can you blame me for giving up on my country and loosing hope.
  • It's just too much politics and corruption back home and it worries me that my most people have chosen to leave the country and migrate. I've known about fifty people from my circle (close friends, co-worker, high school and college classmates) that have either migrated to the US, Canada, UK and Australia between the years 2001-2007 their main reason is they don't think they could afford a better life for their family especially their children most of them has lost hope in the people running our country and I am one of them. Thinking about it makes me go to the bathroom and puke, excuse me I need to run.
  • PS, that's our picture during the EDSA 2001 uprising, I was working at the 15th Flr. of the Galleria Bldg., In EDSA where the event took place, those were the days!

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