Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saying Goodbye to a Harley!

My husband has put up his 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe for sale at the Harley Shop down at Pinehurst. It's been a week and the silence of the usually loud Harley has put our household to kinda different atmosphere. It has affected us in ways I cannot described. I think I missed it. Oh I missed it's sound when it first cranks up, it's like saying here I am making my presence felt so listen up and look at me!

It's my husband's baby, you know Americans fascination with big toys for big boys. To put it in another perspective it's the third woman in our relationship. At the beginning I was kinda jealous of her but day by day she has slowly gotten her way into my heart and though it's hard to admit I love her! I enjoy being around her all the time. Again, I missed her!

Without the Harley around our life has turned to a new direction and that is my car and my driving but that is another story. I'l write a piece about that some other time.

My husband is off this weekend. It has cooled a little bit from the triple degrees weather we had for several weeks and it's perfect riding moment. We could have taken off and enjoy the ride but without her we are in total disarray. We try not to dwell on her but she's been a big part of our life and no matter how we tried to focus on something else she will always somehow manage to make us missed her.

It's been over six months since I first got to know her. I remember when I first saw her. She's beautiful and sleek, always clean and shiny, and the envy of many. My husband has been with her for two years and he said it was a loving relationship. Before I got here they did so many things together and have been to different places. He has spoiled her with so many extra additions to her already beautiful look. From my husband's calculation he spent about $2k for new pipes, chrome handle bars, chrome inside fenders, chrome clutch and you name it she has it.

Despite all that she is and the pain of being separated from someone you have grown to love. I've let her go. I am happy and excited to have our new 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide soon. I can't wait to be on the road again and share my husband with a new woman.

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