Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Survived Night Driving!

We had set saturday night this week for our movie date. We went to see the movie 3:10 to Yuma last night. It was a good movie and we both enjoyed it.

Flashback scenes before going to the movie. Checked out the net for the schedules of the cinemas at Randolph Mall at Asheboro and Sandhills Cinemas at Southern Pines. Asheboro is less than 30 mins drive from home while Southern Pines is 45 mins away. 3:10 to Yuma is not available at Randolph Mall so we decided to go to Southern Pines and set to see the 7:15pm screening.

As usual, I'm the designated chaueffer. We left the house around 5:45 and I manuevered my way to the country road on my big buddy Buick. Between driving and singing my worship song in the car. We changed route this time. We used Lakey Siding Road from the usual Old Plank Road which I became so familiar with that I've memorized every curve it has. I'm scared of Lakey Siding Road because it's narrow, has this very steep and curvy road. I dread passing through that road. It makes every bones in my body chill and I feel that it will take time for me to get used to it.

I think it was a smooth ride and don't ask my husband about it because he'll never compliment me despite getting to our destination in one piece hehehehe Yes it was a good ride, with my occasional drifting and steering wheel wobbling or my speed limit dropping off I'm happy with my performance this time. Indeed practice makes perfect. We made it to Highway 2427 then 215 and then Southern Pines. Oh I also hate the traffic especially at the circle which I have to yield to ongoing traffic. I survived that one too.

Ok now we're at Southern Pines, hubby said he's hungry and we have to swing by the Chinese Resto to have dinner. I decided against it. I ate sandwhich and left over salad from the other night before we left home (while he's taking a nap). We went instead to Fresh Market to buy a roasted beef sandwhich and drink for my already starving husband. We like Fresh Market it's beautiful, a little expensive, and I guess it's a high-end store that caters to the mostly rich Yankees that has migrated to Southern Pines and it's neighboring golf course villages.

We got my husband's take-out food. Now the trouble was I didn't bring my purse and food is not allowed inside the theather. Had I have it with me we could simple hide it inside and he could have a good time eating a roast beef sandwhich inside the cinemas. Well what he did was eat while I steered the car to the parking lot. I found a good spot away from other cars. At the far end corner but unfortunately someone got beside me that quick or I was slow that I found out we're no longer alone in my little corner. Geez hubby's eatin' while I was drivin' has to be careful and give him time to munch on his big take-out that can't be taken inside the movie house hehehehe

Got to the cinema and the movie was finished by 9:30.

Now it's night time driving for me. It's my first time. As usual Lynn has to help me get out of the maze while I gingerly zigzag my way out of the parking lot and off to the road. It was a struggle for me. I literally prayed the whole time that I was driving. My eyes give me additional trouble or so I guess but I think I was finding excuse for my sloppy driving or I was uncomfortable driving at night. There's the usual cussing from my husband who totally think that Colby his (9 yr old grandson) is far better driver than me. My errors as my husband put it, are too many to count. I clicked the highbeam light together with right hand signal and within distance from another car on the other side of the road (it was a dangerous thing mind you) or I was too fast while passing a state trooper and boy you could imagine the horror on my husband's face. I still get the usual flank. You can't be sensitive with him or else the marriage will be out in the drain and I'l be heading home ASAP back to the Phils.

He has constantly chastised me that I actually got used to it or I'm just taking it all in stride. Most times tears will just roll down my face while driving while your husband thought your a "dummy" for not listening to his yakking. "Give me some gas", or "you're drifting to the yellow lane", "what's that dumb move" and all that dialogue that one time pushed me to the edge and put the brakes, stopped on the side of the road and slammed the door and moved to the passenger seat. There was total silence for an hour. After the heat subsided I reclaimed my driving seat.

This night was no exception, I was thinking that he will be good to me considering that this was the first time that I will be doing it. He wasn't that bad at all he didn't let me go through my dreaded Lakey Siding Road. Still, we managed to get home safely. And I survived night driving!

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