Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blogging Back????

Oh my goodness it's been ages since I was here. Three years of no blog, for goodnes sakes where have I been all this time. I missed everyone. I swear. I got a little time tonight so here I am catching up on so many blogger friends that I have not visited in years...

I am soo sorry dear blogger friends. I've been so busy with so many things that I totally ignored my own blog. Yes, I am guilty. I hope we can all catch up with each other's lives.

I want to stay here forever, do this on a permanet basis. I hope y'all stay with me as I resuscitate this blog for good. Come and journey with me.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Car Shopping

This week has been a busy week for us. We've been car shopping relentlessly for four straight days. We searched the net, car dealership everywhere. One day this week , I think last Wednesday I was in a meeting when my husband suddenly showed up at work. He wanted me to see the car that he's test driving from the nearby car lot.

It was nice I actually like it. It's a 2003 Buick Regal fully loaded, leather seat, with very nice mag wheels, came from one owner and with just over 60k of mileage. I'd still like to have a Buick for the reason that it's mid-size, very dependable and less expensive than cars like Toyota or Mazda. For a budget, we have set aside a $6k to $7k which will mean it will make a dent to our savings.

Everybody has been encouraging me to get a brand new car. Like my co-workers has been telling me that we can afford it since me and my husband both got a good dependable job and can afford the monthly payment.

Not for me I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I have a $20k car loan. For me it's impractical with the economy and all other things to consider I do not have the guts. I do not want to be burdened by monthly payments, don't get me wrong it's just me.

It would be sweet to have a brand new car without wiping out your savings. Actually we could still wait for a little while since we still have two very old trucks my husband's 1998 Nissan truck and my little red 1999 Toyota that can take us wherever we want to go. Not counting out my husband's 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle sitting in the garage for now till winter is over.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Freak Accident

We had our annual ski holiday last weekend at Snowshoe Ski Mountain in West Virginia. We all had a blast. We left thursday and ski all day friday and saturday so it was really worth all the time. We ski on -16F last friday it was so cold but I guess if you're prepared and properly dress you'll still enjoy it. Saturday the resort was slammed full. I ran over by a snowboarder twice but still we all had a great time.

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel early and head home. As we made our journey back home obviously it's a mountain so up and down the icy curb we went. Ten miles down the road on a downward hill my husband calmly said the break is not working while he tried to press the break. I saw him float through the road just controlling the steering wheel and we're only running approximately 10 miles an hr. and the car just accelerated. Being the experience driver that he is, he steered the car on the side of the road and we ended up in a ditch.

We're both good, no scratch no nothing but our car was wrecked. The rescue squad came then we waited for the police officer for the accident report.

It was a scary experience for me nonetheless we are both grateful that nothing bad happened. Oh let me tell ya, the people of West Viriginia are so nice everyone stopped and try to help us. We're so thankful for that one too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dog Day Care

We are off to West Virginia for our annual family ski vacation. For two weeks we're debating between finding a day care for Barney or leave him with my husband's daughter while we are away on trip. Since we don't want to bother anyone, we tried to find a dog day care for four days that we are away.

The most ideal was the new pet shop where he had his "spa day" last week because we know the owners plus the fact that they are really good with dogs. Unfortunately, this week they cannot accommodate Barney.

So our last resort was to call Tabitha, she immediately said "yes" so problem solve. It's very difficult to be away with Barney, we did that when we went to San Francisco last Thanksgiving I was miserable because I miss him so bad. But we know that this things are bound to happen plus he's with a good family that treat him like they way we do and more he actually get to sleep with Tabitha and Toby's bed at night which made Dixie (their boston terrier pet) consumed with jealosy lol!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chick Magnet

My hubby and Barney went to the office today to take me out to lunch. Before going to the resto I told me husband to stop by the bank. We made a bee line to the drive thru banking while Barney out of curiosity (as usual) peeped his head out to the open car window like he wanted to talk to the teller.

When the teller saw him, she asked alot of question about Bam-Bam like his breed, his age and made little cute human and dog conversation. Then suddenly, I saw her reaching for something underneath her desk. It was a dog treat like those milk shaped biscuits he got. How cool is that? A bank that take into consideration their clients dog huh! When she gave it to Barney he ate it with gusto boom it's gone before we even finish our transaction.

Barney's becoming a chick magnet. Everywhere he goes, he always elicits a smile, a glare, a little commotion, a positive reaction, a conversation alot of times with girls. So I don't know what he and his Dada do while Mama is at work. They're always together especially if my husband is off from work. He goes where his Dada goes except his work, he's off limits there.

With Barney's rising popularity with women I find it increasingly dangerous for my husband to use his dog as bait lol! Well I'm all about Barney getting all the buzz, he's always been a happy puppy so it's a no brainer that he'll always be the center of attention but my husband thought it was also for him. It's starting to inflate his ego hehehehe.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another football night

Tonight is Panthers night. In this side of the planet where I am, when Panthers have a game we set aside everythign else to watch our hometown guys.

My husband is working so that makes Barney and me alone together watching football. My neighbors Tabitha, Toby and their boys are all ready for this event. My co-worker has also invited me to watch it with them but I'm not gonna drive 30 miles just to watch football it's just insane lol!. Another, Kevin won this weeks Permanent Seat License ticket our office got, which I was hoping to win. With 10 pre-season PSL tickets , Kevin our IT Mngr won a whopping 5 tickets while Linda got 3 and I got 2. For Post- regular season, can you believe that Kevin got the tickets for tonights game. That sucks!
I want that ticket so bad, here I am watching football with Barney while munching popcorn.
My adrenalin is pumping it's 2nd Quarter and we're still stuck at 7 points. Barney's enjoying the game too. He's just sitting beside me all this time glued to the tv. I hope the Cardinals will not kick our hometown boys to the curb. Back to the game will post again later.
It's a big disappointment tonight. After so many interceptions and turnovers the result was a big dismay. We got smoldered by the Cardinals. I heard our neighbors were all pouting like me. It's not a good sign come Monday morning at the office it will be an endless piece of conversation. I can't wait. Grrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrr!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barney's First Salon Trip

I called my husband around 10:30 this morning to check on Barney. He said he dropped him off at the dog salon and will be back later to get him. Oh my goodness! my baby is at a "dog salon".

My husband said since the shop was busy Barney stayed there from 10:30am to 5:30pm. It was a long time so I wondered if our "little man" had wrecked havoc on the salon.

When I got to the gym I saw my husband's truck at the parking lot and by the time I got close to the door Barney jumped up the window wanting me to pick him up. He recognized his mama easily. I took him out, gosh was very pleased by what the salon did to his hair. For $30 charge Barney got a massage, shampoo, hair cut and toenail trimming plus a little fellowship with other dogs including little dog treat.

My husband said that the shop owner told him that Barney had a fit. When the electric razor first sounded that was the beginning, he didn't get his hair cut without a big fight. They spent about 30 mins just to trim his hair on his head. They've tried all the tricks in the books but it all failed. My husband said the ladies told him that Barney gave them "hell". They said he's the new "Marley".

Though I was a bit disappointed with Barney's behaviour at the salon, I should give credit to the ladies for a wonderful job and most especially for treating him like royalty.